A Bit Of Confusion.

Well, that was interesting.


Epsilon Theory: ‘The Stage Is Set For An Explosive Market Re-evaluation Of Inflation’

“The day-to-day and intraday market swings over the past six weeks have been absolutely ferocious.”

CPI Basically In Line As Wireless ‘Distortion’ Starts To Roll Off

Without further ado…

War And (No) Peace: Full Week Ahead Preview

Say your prayers.

‘In Late January A Client Called Us With An Exasperated Query’: Why Barclays Sees A ‘Bumpy Road Ahead’

“In the last week of January, as equities went on yet another run, a client who had been waiting to buy the dip called us with an exasperated query.”

Upside Down: Full Week Ahead Preview

I don’t know where you’re supposed to turn for “analysis” from here. 

Here Is One Trader’s ‘Philosophical Friday’ Debt Rant

“Now you might look at these charts and say, ‘Greece spent too much and suffered the consequences. Ultimately they will be better off taking the hit and reorganizing in a more productive economic fashion.’ If so, you probably also still have this poster hanging in your room at your parent’s house where you grew up.”

Bring An Umbrella: Here’s How To Hedge 3 Near-Term Risks

So there you go. Bring an umbrella.

Toxic Brew: Full Week Ahead Preview

This should be all kinds of amusing.

CPI Matches Estimates – Kanye Shrug?


Traders Are ‘Jumping At Shadows’ Ahead Of Key Data In The U.S.

Don’t worry, it should be fine.

A Lonely Landmine: Full Week Ahead Preview

Trade banter and CPI. That is all. Or at least all we know.

Goldilocks Goes To War

After all, she’s got a habit of hanging out with and implicitly taunting bears…

One Trader Revisits The Inflation Scare Of 2012

“The hawks went ape-shit. They screamed and yelled. They warned about Weimar Republic style hyper-inflation. But Bernanke hung tough.”

Are The Locusts Coming? Here’s What History Says About Stocks, Credit, Yields And Inflation

“Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!”