Trader: ‘This Is My Prediction’ On Inflation

Trader: ‘This Is My Prediction’ On Inflation

By Kevin Muir of “The Macro Tourist” fame; reposted here with permission I have been banging on the inflation drum for so long I feel that even Todd Rundgren would be sick of hearing from me. While a couple of years ago, the majority of pundits were not talking about inflation - most were focused on the Fed’s inability to create rising prices in anything except financial assets - recently the market has awoken to the risks that accompany a decade of bat-shit-crazy central bank monetar
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4 thoughts on “Trader: ‘This Is My Prediction’ On Inflation

  1. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ you want inflation we’ve had inflation in our daily lives running at 6-7% a year since the money bombs started in the bailout years. The FED has made sure your cash has become worth less and less every fucking day since. People don’t give a shit about CPI, those numbers don’t tell their story, they tell the fictionalized story the Fed wants everyone/anyone to believe.

    When wages lag so far behind the curve and costs continue their day in and day out rise, what the fuck would you call it, INFLATION. Which has already wounded the middle class on an epic scale with no end in sight. This Fed induced DEBT BOMB has made our cost of living skyrocket from housing to milk, from a movie ticket to a concert ticket, from a road toll to a speeding ticket, everything costs more. Yep, no inflation there, so fuck you and the financial bullshit you road in on.

    A normal recession (10-20%) would be bad enough but this coming nightmare will more than likely doom many to more and more servitude to the monstrous debt we have created. 2% inflation my ass.

  2. Nothing substantive to contribute here, but I would like to thank Mr. Heisenberg here for his prodigious output. It is like watching The Wire. There are no punches pulled in terms of technical jargon and complex charts and concepts, but swimming in the deep end of the pool has made me the smarter for it and I deeply appreciate the quality and quantity of work put in.

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