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Kudlow, Navarro Condemn Back-Stabbing Canadian Devil Justin Trudeau To Actual ‘Hell’ For Having The Balls To Hold A Press Conference


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9 comments on “Kudlow, Navarro Condemn Back-Stabbing Canadian Devil Justin Trudeau To Actual ‘Hell’ For Having The Balls To Hold A Press Conference

  1. Trump is a victim; again. Imagine that. The entire right wing is composed of individual who feel like victims. Victimization sells, and almost everybody is buying. As long as each half of the country feels sorry for themselves, the fact that Kim Jong Un has accelerated his nuclear presence, and elevated his status as a result of Trump is disregarded by both halves. Left and Right both = poor little dumbasses!

  2. Error404

    Indeed – identity politics is the politics of victimisation. Sometimes it has real roots embedded in injustice, but these days most of it’s just attention-grabbing me-tooism. Now we have the global hegemon as victim. It’ll be fascinating to see how that bet gets raised.

  3. POTUS fired off far more egregious tweets about Prime Minister Trudeau just before going to the G-7 meeting than anything Trudeau said, which Trudeau has stated publicly several times before, if POTUS did his homework.

  4. Anonymous

    He also just destroyed any hope of defending his tariffs in front of the WTO. It’s going to be difficult to make the case that tariffs against Canada were based on national security concerns when he just tweeted “Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy!”

  5. Hahaha Gordon Chang just got yanked off Bloomberg TV for asserting that Trump is going to get zilch from his meeting with Kim Jong-un except to reinforce the legitimacy of Kim’s rule.

    • monkfelonious

      Yeah, but our 5-ball president will just nuke his ass and then blame the fallout (no pun intended) on the 8-ball.

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  7. Anonymous

    I see that Trump has just tweeted that the the US gives 4% of its GDP to support NATO and defend europe. The actual entire US defence budget for 2018 is 3.5%.

    • The only way his moron base is gonna see that corrected info is if it is also tweeted back to him so they can read it — they don’t hear anything not on his tweets or Fox. Not to mention, they don’t believe any truths because they don’t want to. When anyone calls him ‘out’ and corrects him, they think he is being attacked, poor him and them. Totally fucked up mess.

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