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Trump Outdoes Himself At G-7: Proclaims ‘Tariff-Free’ World ‘Like He Learned At Wharton’, Says ‘Touch And Feel’ To Guide Kim Meeting

"Touch and feel."

"Touch and feel."
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12 comments on “Trump Outdoes Himself At G-7: Proclaims ‘Tariff-Free’ World ‘Like He Learned At Wharton’, Says ‘Touch And Feel’ To Guide Kim Meeting

  1. Error404

    Makes you yearn for the old days…..of real statesmen… Nixon.

  2. Anonymous

    If you give Trump the benefit of the doubt, and interpret his actions in the context of him tryin to do what’s best for the American people, his behavior makes absolutely no sense. If however, he really is compromised, and is acting to advance the interests of Russia, it becomes easier to understand why he’s doing the things that he is.

    It’s hard to imagine how his performance at the G-7 meeting advanced US interests in any meaningful way. However, I’m certain Putin was pleased to have the POTUS recommend letting Russia rejoin the G-8, despite still occupying Crimea, and was pleased to see Trump sow further discord between the US and our closest allies.

  3. Anonymous

    Do you think that Trump’s red state voters understand how reliant their economies are on heavily subsidized industries?

    He uses the dairy industry as an example and suggested cutting subsidies. However, subsidies made up 73% of the returns for US dairy producers. Cutting subsidies altogether could be potentially devastating to the industry and would lead to increased dairy prices for consumers in the US. Cutting the tariff, which is in place to protect the Canadian dairy industry from the dumping of cheap subsidized US dairy, is unlikely to be enough to offset the huge losses. It’s hard to see how his suggested “plan” would help dairy farmers.

  4. At some point, The Wharton School of Finance will make him an offer of a million dollars to never speak their name in public again.

  5. monkfelonious

    What we have hearar is a failure to com-muni-cate.

  6. Curt A Tyner

    I’m of the opinion that this “time warp” we are in is an 70-80 year crazy cycle that is in our DNA to cull the planet of religious zealots who continually troll our world. Trump is the Antichrist vision that religion depends on for it’s very existence. Embrace, blame, rinse, wash repeat, every few generations or so.

    We need to “stupid down” so the planet’s weak minded set themselves up for recycling (wink, wink, nod, nod). If you are feeling confident about our future, give me an Amen, if not cover your ass inflation is going to squeeze us to death.

    Rome is burning, republicans are laug……. oops scared.

    PS: Murphy that is funny………………excellent

    • Billy Oxygen

      Curt, finding away to insert your anger toward what you do not understand and therefore irrationally fear is an ode to ;dumb shit.

      • hahaha – Look who’s calling someone else dumb shit! hahaha! Think about this: you need to find a way to just go away.

  7. Anonymous

    complete fucking imbecile wasn’t difficult from Southern Africa

  8. If he isn’t a Russian agent he is doing an incredible marathon impression of one.

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