Populism As Space Travel

Populism As Space Travel

Below, find a new commentary from Notes From Disgraceland’s Bjarne Knausgaard who regular readers will recall pens some of the best political/economic color around. Populism as space travel 9. VI 2018 Populism consists of the simultaneous embrace and denial of shit. The history of populism is a repository of failed missions – a true destination of the populist journey is really a problem of imagination. For the most part of his literary opus, post-modern Russian writer Vladimir Soroki
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3 thoughts on “Populism As Space Travel

  1. I don’t understand anything this cat writes and I’m not sure I want to. Too many (of his and other whack-a-doodles) absolutes for me. I flee the guys that have it ‘figured out’.

    I’d like to here from him how earth shaking it was that shit could be replaced with pulverized rocks.

    1. You have just exemplified exactly why the opposition to populism struggles to coalesce. Your point is well founded on one hand and on the other lazy. You as someone who rejects simple answers to complex problems demonstrate an immunity to the populist dogma yet you also struggle to accept or even consider a complex solutions to complex problems presented to you.

      I’m not saying the author is fully correct, but I will say it is some of the best writing on the subject I have seen. And I spend way too much time looking for the stuff as I am working on research project related to the populist issue in America and the effects there of.

      Here’s to hoping we all make it out alive!

      1. I think the author’s main point is great, and this short piece has helped me understand the Trumpists in a way I definitely didn’t before. It does irritate me when people use phrases like “anthropological production,” though. I’m pretty sure that phrase doesn’t actually mean anything, or at least not what he means it to.

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