Guest Post: Populism, Pornography, And The Nostalgia Of Greatness

“Everything is explicit, but the plot cannot be taken seriously.”


“President’s Day”: Iran Is Voting, Brazil Is Panicking, Trump Is Traveling

It feels quiet in America on Friday morning. Maybe that’s because Donald Trump is leaving the country for eight days. Which means that for more than a week, we can all pretend like this nightmare isn’t real. my plane — Trump Draws (@TrumpDraws) February 3, 2017 But it’s actually quiet overseas as well. There’s…

Exposed: Trump’s False Populism Laid Bare As White House Releases Finances Of 200 Staffers

Make no mistake folks, this is populism exposed. And it’s not unique to the Trump administration. When you hear these messages from administration officials, from their ideological affiliates in Europe, and from all corners of the Right-wing peanut gallery whether on television or in cyberspace, ask yourself this: “are these people really who they say they are and do they really represent my interests?”