Ray Dalio’s Message From Last Week Is Even More Relevant Now Than It Was 7 Days Ago…

“At the same time, I can’t help but wonder if the trade war is part of a bigger impending conflict.”


America As A Failed State

“Failed states create conditions of unimaginable business opportunities.”

American Corrida And The Reconstitution Of The State

“We have reached the point of self-intoxication when inner contradictions of the system, which previously could be temporarily ignored, are taking over. The system has exhausted itself – it has collapsed under its own weight.”

One Bank Asks: Is Globalization Dead?

Spoiler alert: no.

Pick Your Poison: These 4 Things Could ‘Pop The Central Bank Bubble’

Here we sit, barely two weeks into the new year, and guess what? Risk assets have already blown through some analysts’ full-year projections, with both equities and HY (for instance) rallying further than some of the less sanguine (yet still optimistic) year-end 2018 targets.

Of Rocket Men, Chinese Hegemony, And Populism Run Amok: 3 Visual Guides

You wouldn’t know it from looking at any market-based measures of volatility, but 2017 was a hugely consequential year. I assume that goes without saying. 

Rage Capital Is Ready For Picking: Identity Crises And Four Modes Of Misogyny

“White American males have always been in charge. They made the rules and they called the shots in the workplace, in the home and at the ballot box. They’ve owned the world for so long and have been getting increasingly uncomfortable as their grip on power had been eroding. Now the unthinkable is happening: They are becoming the minority.”

Donald Trump And The ‘War On Merry Christmas’

“Populism is like pornography: Everything is explicit, but the plot cannot be taken seriously.”

In Watershed Moment, Democrats Now Have Largest Lead In Voter Preference Since 2008

Well in the latest evidence to suggest that the public is turning against the GOP, a new NBC/WSJ poll shows that…

Doug Jones Defeats Roy Moore In Alabama After Stunning Last Minute Comeback

This is a truly devastating setback not only for Donald Trump, but for Steve Bannon, who effectively bet the house on Moore. 

For The First Time In Modern History, A Better Future Is Not The Base Case

“For any ideology the gradient between the present and the future has always had to be positive.”

Bill Clinton Blasts ‘Tribalism’, ‘Fever Swamps’, Says America Is On Dangerous Path

“When trust vanishes and knowledge is devalued as an establishment defense of the status quo, anything can happen.”

‘This Is Deeper Than Politics’: Steve Bannon Defends Roy Moore

“I’ve seen this before with Trump. As Hillary Clinton would say, this is nothing less than the politics of personal destruction.”

You’ll Get Your ‘War’ Steve: GOP Establishment Launches Push To ‘Personally Attack’ Bannon

“This is a guy who is more interested in seeing his name in the headlines than he is in any kind of accomplishment for the president.”

Steve Bannon Imagines A Future Where He’ll Rule For ’50 To 75 Years’ (Give Or Take)

“If you have the wisdom, the strength, the tenacity, to hold [the coalition that elected Trump] together, we will govern for 50 to 75 years.”