The Only Government System That Actually Works Is The One With No Populism In Its Design

” At a time of rock-bottom confidence in public institutions, it is notable that the intelligence oversight system, a system with hardly a trace of populism in its design, actually works effectively at its core purpose: assuring the public that the intelligence community is doing its job within the law.”


Russell Shuffle Day, Brexit Anniversary, & Crude Carnage

It’s Russell reshuffle day, which means equities will likely be jarred out of any summer lull, if only for a moment. As Bloomberg notes, “in four of the last five years, reconstitution day ranked in the 10 busiest trading sessions, [but] at the same time, it rarely triggers big price swings in the market.” It’s…

“President’s Day”: Iran Is Voting, Brazil Is Panicking, Trump Is Traveling

It feels quiet in America on Friday morning. Maybe that’s because Donald Trump is leaving the country for eight days. Which means that for more than a week, we can all pretend like this nightmare isn’t real. my plane — Trump Draws (@TrumpDraws) February 3, 2017 But it’s actually quiet overseas as well. There’s…