Chart Check: “Le Pen Risk” Falls To Lowest In 5 Weeks

Is the Le Pen “tail risk” becoming more tail risk-ish?


It’s Quiet Out There: G-20 Leaves Markets Feeling “Damp And Grey”

It feels quiet out there. Maybe a little too quiet. There’s plenty of G-20 banter about the US/Trump having “won” at the weekend gathering in Germany. In this context, “winning” means successfully getting the “resist all forms of protectionism” language removed from the communique. Remember, in Trump/Navarro make-believe land, free trade is a bad thing, so telling everyone…

5 Weeks To Go Aaaand… Nothing

The following visuals depict the extent to which markets either have a better read on this year’s trio of elections in Europe than they did on the Brexit referendum and the US election, or the extent to which markets have learned nothing from those experiences.