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Amusement Parks For Angry Citizens

"The arrival of Trump was an extension of Fox’s vision beyond media".

"The arrival of Trump was an extension of Fox’s vision beyond media".
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5 comments on “Amusement Parks For Angry Citizens

  1. The clarity of this reality is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Billy Oxygen

    I see this, I get this, I rail against this. I am surrounded by those who shun anything other than “everything is just fine”. They would never say “don’t be harshing my buzz”, but they would know what it means and they are fiercely protective against it. Local Weatherman interviewing a farmer complaining about the recent climate proactively chimes in with some standard climate denier speech. The farmer looked a little perturbed, as if he had been found guilty of believing in anthropogenic global warming, though that was clearly not what he was elucidating. The local weatherman is a man of science in all endeavors except when it comes to throwing shade on a perceived push back against his; we are living in wonderful times mantra.

    Observation form the reddest part of one of the reddest states.

  3. A characteristic of all what is fabulously expressed in this post is the the phenomenon of our educational system and the way in which the process has gradually de- emphasized the concept of individuality and replaced it with how one interacts with the group… Conformity makes a group manageable…

  4. We live in a karaoke culture, and now have a Karaoke President. The liabilities to authenticity have been mounting for quite some time. In retrospect, the leap from the theatre of mediocre fraudulence to outright artifice was not as far as it once seemed.

  5. Are we all lemmings being carried along by a zombie-like mass to the sea. Is there no place to hide, to plant our flag and say this castle is sacrosanct. Our government has failed us but is our God still with us? Do we have to send a select few into the far reaches of space to save humanity. Or will the ravaged earth once again be inhabited by only a few struggling to survive for thousands of years (millennia?) until the Garden of Eden once again blooms.
    Whatever happened to ‘Love thy neighbor’?

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