It Is Now Extremely Funny To Go Back And Watch Sean Hannity ‘Interview’ Michael Cohen

“Maybe, just maybe”…


In Bombshell Report, Fox’s Tucker Carlson ‘Exposes’ Pandas As ‘Sex-Crazed’ Murderous Perverts

“You know the official story about pandas — they’re cute, they’re adorably helpless, which is why they’re almost extinct. But like a lot of what we hear, that’s a lie.”

‘Wait, That’s Not What I’m Looking For, Take That Down’: Fox Accidentally Admits No One Trusts Them

Oh, well! Nothing a half hour’s worth of denigrating minorities won’t fix.

Fox News Is Worried White Nationalists Will Become Extinct Before Black Rhinos (Really)

“The black rhinos got an advantage because he’s black.”

The Deep State Tried To Murder Sean Hannity’s Twitter Account Because Sean Was Getting Too Close To The Truth.

“OOH IT IS A MYSTERY! Did Sean Hannity see Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama making treason in the broom closet?”

Sean Hannity’s Reaction To The NYT Mueller Story Is The Best Thing On The Internet This Week

“Rapidly aging squirrel taint Sean Hannity did not like the scoop Thursday night about President Shithole trying to fire special counsel Robert Mueller in a fit of bloated, know-nothing rage.”

Is Fox News Just Trying To Get People Killed Now?

“Is there anything more to this “secret society” conspiracy theory than the asinine ramblings of an old GOP senator from Wisconsin? Why yes!”

Did Fox News Just Officially Rule Out Janet Yellen?


John Garofalo Is An American Hero And ‘Thank God’ Fox News Had ‘The Balls’ To Tell His Story

When reached for comment, Garofalo “admitted he had lied and never served in Vietnam, never received a Purple Heart and was never a SEAL.” 

Dear Fox News: You Are America’s Only Hope…

“The only authoritative voice in Trump’s divided America is the voice that helped drive us apart in the first place.”

“Thank You For Calling Fox News 9-1-1”

“To continue in English, just keep listening—everything here is in English, because, the last time we checked, this was ​America​, goddammit.”

Sunday Humor: With Fabio Unavailable, Fox News Brings On Bobby Knight

Fortunately, no one was choked and no chairs were thrown.

With Van Damme Unavailable, Fox Turns To Fabio To Explain How Liberals Are Destroying California

“You know, the crème de la crème.”

Reliving Two Of Fox & Friends’ Greatest Achievements In Bigotry

One of the more amusing stories last week (well, I guess it’s technically still “this” week, but you know what I mean) revolved around Iowa Republican Steve King who decided to try and give Geert Wilders a last minute push over the top ahead of Wednesday’s elections in the Netherlands. King’s initial tweet and subsequent doubling…