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Yahoo’s Seth Rich Exposé Shows Why Countering The Right-Wing Misinformation Machine Is So Difficult

It's a nice thought - but it can't work. Here's why.

It's a nice thought - but it can't work. Here's why.
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10 comments on “Yahoo’s Seth Rich Exposé Shows Why Countering The Right-Wing Misinformation Machine Is So Difficult

  1. Fox would later retract the original story after a source backtracked. “[The article] was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting”, the network said at the time. ROTFLMAO.

  2. And this is EXACTLY why the US needs a third party.
    Now is the time for a collective of big money to form that fulcrum in the balance.
    By having only 2 sides to the conversation OF COURSE there is animosity, lies and deceit to bicker over.
    Unfortunately the US populace is too busy playing to think about anything but “team sport”. It has never been a winner loser world. The apple, the eating, the choice; or for the American mindset: the gas, the brake, the steering wheel.
    Tom Steyer made a YUGE mistake by jumping in Dem. Shows he had no balls to begin with and plays by the same tired old rules.
    I like democracy in Ecuador and Chile better, the playgrounds are a lot more fun.

  3. Gary Seth

    What concerns me is that a significant reward was not offered for information concerning the Seth Rich murder . If is just a botched robbery a hefty reward would have shaken out some info .

    • I mean, somebody has to pay the reward. It’s not like there are cash rewards offered for every crime that’s committed. Plus, there is absolutely no guarantee that the promise of a cash reward would compel someone to report anything, especially if the person doing the robbing is extremely dangerous. But perhaps most obviously, if it was, in fact, a botched robbery, who’s to say that more than a few people know anything about it? That is, who are all these people that have “info” to be “shaken out”?

  4. The far right spreads lies;the far left spreads lies.
    Pick your poison

    • point me to some “far left lies” (not to say that you can’t, but i assume the reference is to the progressive wing of the Democratic party, and if so, what lies are they spreading?)

  5. Harvey Cotton

    Fake news isn’t the problem. Stupidity is the problem.

    Religion is fake news {not your’s obviously – just the people who disagree with you ;-)}. Marketing is fake news. Pick-up culture is fake news. Social media are fake news. People lie to each other all of the time in order to get them to believe nonsense and sell product (including themselves.) The problem is that people are not taught how to discern facts from opinion, and because they cannot tell the difference, and because learning and contextualizing facts is hard, instead make everything opinion. Conspiracy theories are a way for people who do not have complete information to take shortcuts, and if they are entertaining and can be used to bash political opponents, ever the better.

    Expertise is diminished. Science, academia, the press, all are attacked. The reason is that as the library of information gains, and fields become ever more specialized, they become arcane to the masses. The cost of new information is becoming ever more expensive, and access to the tools to this information are held by gatekeepers that are viewed with popular suspicion. And as we approach the limits of human knowledge, and we find precise classical-era measurements give way to, ahem, “Uncertainty” and wave functions and mathematical chaos. Probabilities are then easily conflated with opinion.

    Our culture does not value skepticism or sourcing information. Americans are mostly not taught how to think, but how to pass tests with information that does not stick. The smart people are usually only smart in a few, narrow fields, and they and most of the rest struggle with the grind and vicissitudes of daily life. And because of this, the greatest invention and great repository of information in the history of mankind, the Internet, becomes a mirror reflecting our base, cruel, stupid natures.

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