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Is Fox News Just Trying To Get People Killed Now?

"Is there anything more to this “secret society” conspiracy theory than the asinine ramblings of an old GOP senator from Wisconsin? Why yes!"

By Evan Hurst as originally published over at Wonkette and reposted here with permission 


Fox has always been poison, especially when applied to the brains of our more excitable Republican elders, but there used to be a funny quality to it. Yee-haw, is it time for the War on Christmas yet? No, that doesn’t start until July, sillies!

But after Trump became president, Fox decided to be Trump TV, essentially to act as state-run television. (We’re not clear whether that “state” is Russia or the Trump White House, or if those two things are samesies.) After special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed, Fox went into a tailspin and started engaging in a 24/7 69 with Trump and the dumbest members of the House GOP, feeding conspiracy theories from the House Freedom Caucus into Trump’s brain as he watches each night, and morning, and all afternoons. It’s been going on for months.

By December, the Fox News attacks on the FBI and Mueller had devolved into Trump fuckboy Gregg Jarrett declaring that the FBI had become THE LITERAL KGB, and that somehow Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two FBI agents who were fucking like little law enforcin’ bunnies, were doing a coup against Trump WITH THEIR SEXTS.

But now it’s worse. Much worse. Josh Marshall over at TPM noticed it too. On Tuesday night, an actual United States senator, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, told Fox viewers he has an “informant” who says there is a “secret society” in the FBI, apparently led by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, to TAKE TRUMP OUT:

LOL THE FUCK YOU SAY? Also, SPOILER: The “informant” is probably Devin Nunes with his little pissant secret memo.

Is there anything more to this “secret society” conspiracy theory than the asinine ramblings of an old GOP fart senator from Wisconsin? Why yes! Marshall sends us to another TPM writer, who explains that, because the FBI seems to have lost some of the Strzok/Page texts because of a “Samsung glitch,” VERY STUPID PEOPLE have decided these missing texts hold the #SmokingGun. (Hey, this reminds us of how the very same stupid people believe Hillary Clinton’s make-believe “missing 33,000 emails” hold the secrets to Benghazi and #Pizzagate and probably also chemtrails and the moon landing HOAX. Fuckers are pretty predictable.)

President Beta Cuck is getting the message:

Marshall also posts a video from the Lou Dobbs Trump Fellatio Hour, where he says this:

It may be time to declare war, outright, against the Deep State, and clear out the rot in the upper levels of the FBI and the Justice Department. Yes, I said the rot! The FBI and the DOJ have broken the public trust by destroying evidence, defying oversight, and actively trying to bring down the Trump presidency!

Tonight, there are new concerns that anti-Trump FBI officials formed an anti-Trump “secret society” at the FBI …

THESE ONES, you know, in case anybody wants to doxx some innocent people who happen to be career public servants, in defense of a lying, philandering piece of shit who may have crimed his way into office with the aid of a hostile foreign power:

You know, just in case Fox News’s most unhinged viewers might want to stalk these people, none of whom have been accused of a crime.

Marshall adds, “Remember, Dobbs is very close to President Trump. They apparently talk often.” We’ll go him one better! Lou Dobbs went to the New Years’ Eve Pussgrabbing Ball at Mar-a-Lago!

Fuckin ‘hell.

We haven’t even gotten into the molten dogshit that came out of Sean Hannity’s mouth Tuesday night, but we can summarize it:


And so on. We didn’t include the video because we just don’t like it when Sean Hannity explodes into a cloud of jizz and stinky goat diarrhea on the august pages of Wonkette. Just trust that Hannity is as stupid and crazy as ever, and he’s beaming his message into the homes of the most stable geniuses in America each and every night, most notably this one stable TV-obsessed genius who inexplicably and unacceptably lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

What’s next, Fox? You gonna start “reporting” that Strzok and Page and the rest of the mythological “Deep State” are LITERALLY TRYING TO MURDER TRUMP? Are we far off from that? Will Rupert Murdoch get a thrill in his saggy Australian balls if Fox News manages to get them killed?

Another question: Are Lachlan and James Murdoch cool with this? We get that their dad is a power-mad fuckstain on the foul rectum of humanity, but old age is gonna take him before long. Is this where the Murdoch boys really want to take their “news” empire?

We are just curious, because this shit is dangerous.

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5 comments on “Is Fox News Just Trying To Get People Killed Now?

  1. So the FCC does not have any control of how FOX uses the airwaves to spread this sewage?

    I thought I saw one of these guys on TV today admitting that he really didn’t have a witness and that someone else said they did but he had not spoken with that alleged witness ever… cornered, sniveling little lying rat — backing down from his comments made only yesterday.

    Shut down FOX News.

  2. The math: 50,000 texts over 5 months. So, 10,000 texts between these two per month. Divided by 30 days is an average of 333 1/3 texts PER DAY. Let’s assume that these two little type-A personalities work a lot and don’t sleep much, and we’ll give them 18 hours a day of texting time that they aren’t asleep. That’s 18.5 texts PER HOUR, EVERY DAY FOR FIVE MONTHS. A text every 3.25 minutes.

    Um….no. Not even if they were 15 years old.

    • Jeff, The Stable Genius specifically said “all in prime time” so you will need to alter your calculations to work in really short “per day” hours! That was fun to see his big just thrown out there number 50,000 worked into a reality — I don’t see it humanly possible at any age!

      Of course his base crowd accepts without question, these two people actually have that many messages! Btw, if they read my messages, I must be in on it! Millions of us are in on it! Mueller is going to be the one to bring down the trump presidency with trump’s imbecile assistance!

  3. No sh*t the Moon Landing was a Hooooooaaaaaxxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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