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Trump’s Nationalism Shunned In Paris As ‘America First’ Becomes ‘America Alone’

"Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism, nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism."

"Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism, nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism."
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8 comments on “Trump’s Nationalism Shunned In Paris As ‘America First’ Becomes ‘America Alone’

  1. Lance Manly

    I wonder if Mueller held back on the post election indictments due to this trip. The last time the special counsel’s office contacted the administration to see if they wanted them released before or after the trip. Trump went with before. Maybe there is another reason he is so sullen.

  2. tootalltom

    The question becomes ‘How do we guard against electing another idiot in the future’ it’s become very apparent that educating all Americans to be able to recognize the assholes running for office isn’t easy.

    • Oh, Please! Every time this moron opened his mouth during the campaign – his behavior, attitude, name calling, face making, line of women telling what he did to them, truths of him stated by Hillary and plenty of others, inept grasp of the English language, line of people speaking about him not paying his bills, over 3,000 lawsuits, 6 bankruptcies, non-disclosure of tax returns, non-public businesses, non-compliance of construction or City requirements, obvious lies about witnessing the 9-11 bombing, lies about how many floors his buildings had, the actual voice recording of him bragging about grabbing women by their pussy (!!), scamming people with his fake university, speaking down to Muslim family who lost their son, mocking a disabled reported at one of his campaign rallies…. you know, that last one should have been enough to see what a low-life scum bag this degenerate was and certainly not suitable for the office of President of the United States!

      What more did you need?

      • oops….. mocking a disabled reporter …. corrected!

      • “What more did you need?”
        A better educated populace. 300-years of slavery and only 150-years without has not cured America of its racism. Ignorant racism is at the heart of the Trump phenomenon.

        • well, I cannot argue with that — but those issues began early in their lives, usually by irresponsible ignorant parents and even communities that have failed to evolve over the past 150 years. Couple that with citizenship and living to see age 18. Mix well and stand in front of a voting booth. Even then those votes did not win until the electoral college got a turn to play!

          So, all to point out that more than one problem exists. Let’s start with a qualification standard to even submit a person as a candidate and probably not a bad idea to solicit objections from the voting public. Maybe popular vote should hold the winning hand! Think about removing all the big money required to even play the game! Beto has the right idea; no corporate donations, no NRA! How about equal TV time for free? A level playing field so only the ideas and experience and better ability raises the best over others.

          You cannot change the ignorant racism unless the patient is willing to cooperate BUT you can change the rules that allow such cretins to run for office.

  3. Once again, superb artwork! Scary Night?

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