Trader: ‘I Know This Seems Crazy, But’…

“They’re back. I thought they had all given up, but like an old college buddy who’s going through a bad divorce and just needs a place to crash for a ‘few days,’ the corporate credit skeptics are a tough lot to shake.”


Trader: ‘The Next Big Surprise Is Gold’

“The only scenario that really hurts gold is a strengthening economy that has the Fed continuing to try to get ahead of the curve. I don’t know about you, but I am a seller of both of those possibilities.”

Trader: ‘That’s Not A Bond Bear Market’…

“And you would think that this might be bullish for bonds, but no, far from it. A Central Bank that is not willing to invert the curve and take the economic hit from forcing a recession is a bond investor’s nightmare. After all, apart from default, inflation is the absolute worse thing out there.”

Trader: ‘There Is One Asset That’s As Cheap As It’s Ever Been’

“Cries of that awful acronym TINA ring through the halls of investment houses as clients take a big gulp and write blue tickets – despite the lofty prices. After all, everything is dear and their retirement still needs to funded.”