Macro Tourist: ‘This Is A Buying Frenzy. And The Trader In Me Is Worried’

[Editor’s note: The following excerpts are from a longer piece by Kevin Muir, formerly head of equity derivatives at RBC Dominion and better known for his exploits as “The Macro Tourist.” The full piece is available exclusively to his subscribers. Those interested can check out the new MacroTourist here.] Markets are screaming higher. Everything is going up. Heck, even our beloved commodities are flying. It’s turned into a risk-buying-frenzy. For the bulls, it feels great. Just buy
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4 thoughts on “Macro Tourist: ‘This Is A Buying Frenzy. And The Trader In Me Is Worried’

  1. I’m not levered, unless you count the voluminous consumption of Oregon pinot noir.

    It does “feel” like we are “due” for an air pocket in the range of 10 to 20%.

    For a piss-ass ant retail investor like myself, could be an awesome opportunity to throw sand on that beach fire pit, increase the cash share of the portfolio, walk back to dry lodging, and let the tide refresh.

    Air pocket and then the opportunity to return to the beach and spark that fire back up.

    So awesome: “I am still long-term bullish on commodities, inflation and even stocks.” I appreciate the musing from Mr. Muir that are posted here for our consumption. Thank you for sharing these.

  2. Why do the experts try to predict the market and the next correction? It’s a guess. Trade what you see, not what you want to see. When it rolls over, get out.

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