‘Some Worry’

‘Some Worry’

"Some worry," is an industry mainstay when it comes to language the financial media employs when they want to highlight an oft-repeated, campfire ghost story, but don't necessarily want to delve too deeply into the specifics. For example, "some worry" about credit ETF liquidity transformation (i.e., the structural "flaw," wherein products like LQD and HYG promise intraday liquidity against an inherently less liquid pool of underlying assets). Typically, "some worry" applies to purportedly esot
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5 thoughts on “‘Some Worry’

  1. When I started reading your posts, several years ago, your writing was already the best.
    I have to say, your writing has gotten even better.
    Thanks for taking the time to summarize and recap for us.

  2. The race in Georgia is all about turnout. That is why the GOP is sticking with Trump- they are afraid he will tell his base to abandon the current sad crop of GOP Congress folks, including the Georgia incumbents who are running. I am hopeful but not optimistic that January 6th with bring a change when the election in Georgia is in the books and the electoral votes are counted in Congress. A Democratic sweep in Georgia would steepen the yield curve most likely but as you point out- even if they did sweep- there is little taste for dramatic change in the ideological center of the Senate (Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Joe Manchin, Lisa Murkowski etc) and that center is going to have a pretty big influence for the next 2 years. It is going to take Biden 4 years just to undo some of the damage wrought by Trump. It will be up to a second term or a successor to engage in proactive, positive change.

  3. If Georgia elected both Democrats giving the Democratic Party control of the Senate would that give Republican Senators the freedom to vote their conscience on issues instead of cowing under Mitch’s thumb?? It may mean that the voters that elected them may think they actually care about the dire problems facing their constituents.

  4. Lost in the discussion of Georgia is the fact that under Democrats the equity market tends to perform better than under Republicans. That is not a prediction, but an historical fact. However, this Biden administration is entering at a time of historic equity valuation. The good news is that nobody much cares about or makes decisions on whether to hold risk assets on valuation these days.

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