Stocks Up, Vol Up And ‘The Mighty Call Trading Legion’

Monday was yet another session that found stocks rising alongside volatility, although the S&P ended marginally in the red. This has become something of a recurring feature in the late-August rally. Last week, SocGen noted that although collapsing correlations between stocks helped suppress realized volatility at the index level, single-stock volatility is actually higher in the US than in Europe. While briefly discussing those dynamics, I mentioned that implied volatility has been rising

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3 thoughts on “Stocks Up, Vol Up And ‘The Mighty Call Trading Legion’

  1. I wonder if MCTL has a nerve center, a brain so to speak. Some of the call option action in individual names seems well coordinated, look at the volume and open interest in AMD around the 90 strike expiring this Friday, it can only be described as insane, particularly with no “news” to justify the action, similar ridiculous action in TSLA. These are weird times, the VIX, options speculative action, narrowness of the rally all point towards a near term correction, but the question is what could trigger a pull back, nothing seems to matter to folks bidding up tech names, just look at ZM after hours, good report, but $300 to $400 good?

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