Clarity. And A ‘Good Deal Of Confusion’

Clarity. And A ‘Good Deal Of Confusion’

On Saturday, Americans had some measure of clarity on the two most important issues facing the country: The election and a COVID-19 vaccine. And yet, in many respects, clarity and finality will remain elusive for the foreseeable future. The Supreme Court on Friday evening effectively put an end to Donald Trump's efforts to override voters, who, as you may have heard, elected Joe Biden last month. The order rejecting Texas's high-profile lawsuit was appropriately terse. "The State of Texas’s
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3 thoughts on “Clarity. And A ‘Good Deal Of Confusion’

  1. If, after January 20, Trump continues to promote libelous, seditious theories about election fraud, Facebook and Twitter must, absolutely must, ban him from their respective platforms

  2. Hopefully, once medical providers and the 3 million living in nursing homes/long term care facilities are vaccinated- the number of deaths and the strain on the hospitals goes down significantly. This would allow safer “reopening”- maybe March- even if we still have a large number of citizens (who are at low risk of serious illness, need for hospitalization or death) who still need a vaccine at that point.

  3. Here in Blue state Colorado, surrounded on 3 sides by red states, social controls mandated by the government have successfully bent the most important curve of all, reducing hospitilizations. Hospitals are still close to capacity and did stop accepting patients from other states. However with social controls and vaccines the situation should turn around very fast, even before all the nursing home people are vaccinated. Hospitals can then resuming accepting out of state patients and helping relieve the burden on those Red States around us.

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