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Macro Tourist: Prepare For M.O.A.S.

"Central Banks will be back to buying anything with a CUSIP".

"Central Banks will be back to buying anything with a CUSIP".
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2 comments on “Macro Tourist: Prepare For M.O.A.S.

  1. I can understand central banks throwing money at financial markets in an attempt to keep them afloat in the event that the coronavirus brings the economy to a standstill–and think of the satisfaction you’ll feel to see, as you draw your last breaths, that your 401(k) is at an all-time high–the perfect moment at which to confuse brains with a bull market. But I don’t get what fiscal policy can achieve in a situation in which everybody is confined to their houses/apartments, factories and businesses are closed, etc. What form would fiscal policy take that could be useful at all under those circumstances?

  2. Macro-Man, your right about commodities but copper is not the game. As the virus spreads, gold will be gamer.

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