One Pro’s ‘Machiavellian’ Trump-Mnuchin Theory To ‘Prove Bears Wrong’

[Editor’s note: As many readers are likely aware, fan-favorite Kevin Muir — formerly head of equity derivatives at RBC Dominion and better known for his exploits as “The Macro Tourist” —  this year transitioned his daily letter to a subscriber-only format. The following is reprinted here with permission and is available exclusively to his subscribers and mine.] The bearish argument for the stock market is easy. You can probably do it on your own, but let’s go through all the re

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7 thoughts on “One Pro’s ‘Machiavellian’ Trump-Mnuchin Theory To ‘Prove Bears Wrong’

  1. I think he ignores the incentives of the other side. You don’t think democrats also know that and want markets to be as lower as possible before the elections?

    1. Pre- election (inauguration) there seems to be little, aside from making noises, that Dems can move the markets. Not that market manipulation is dseirable in any way.

  2. Recently new cash for farmers, $200 debit cards to millions of Medicare recipients. Can’t wait to get my letter from the king reminding me he is responsible. No, he is not buying votes, just a coincidence the election is near. He really cares.

    1. In the good ol’ days of big city machine politics party apparatchiks would pass among the great unwashed on election day passing out blankets, food, tiny vouchers, anything for a quick bit of gratitude and a vote.

  3. My expectation is that Trump and his cronies will drive the market higher in October to try to convince voters that he is still electable because of “how good he is at business”. They will use any means necessary to accomplish this because he truly understands the stock market is the only thing positively attributable to him as a “leader”. But I also expect that if he loses and in an overwhelming fashion that Trump will do everything in his power to destroy the entire US economy. This is a man with a very fragile ego. He will take America’s rejection of him personally and look for any means possible to come out on top (in his warped narcistic mind). By the time that man flies out of the US for good, it will be unrecognizable to anyone who had ever been to this country before he became president.

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