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Macro Tourist Shorts Tesla, Explains What He Thinks Drove Crazy Rally

"The fever has finally broken."

"The fever has finally broken."
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9 comments on “Macro Tourist Shorts Tesla, Explains What He Thinks Drove Crazy Rally

  1. Go figure. A car powered for the most part indirectly by coal, nat gas, and nuclear (less transmission losses) is clean.

  2. Nice trade, Kevin.

  3. One thing that seems to be missing on this wonderful blog that I read almost all day long is any coverage of climate change and it’s projected impact. Is this black swan to end all black swans gonna hit the markets like a gargantuan ax or will it chip away at the world’s economies like a chisel?

    Most Musk fans (obviously I am one) are fans because they have done a deep dive into why he does what he does – watched his interviews, read about him. Or have experienced a Tesla (yes I have one). Tesla’s mission statement is: “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy” is not just PR.

    I figure most people who read H are smart cause they bother to read him. They found this treasure of a blog on the internet written by someone who has a heck of a lot of knowledge, experience and wisdom. And humor 🙂 And he’s doing this blog cause he enjoys it.

    Well, here is another blog, very different, but also worth reading:

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