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Macro Tourist: ‘Apple News Is The Final Straw’

"One last reminder - this is a TRADING CALL."

"One last reminder - this is a TRADING CALL."
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3 comments on “Macro Tourist: ‘Apple News Is The Final Straw’

  1. The coronovirus may end up being Mrs. O’leary’s cow. The world economy was gradually slowing without the virus. Now you will see a significant slowdown in the next 2-3 quarters. The casino is now a poor place to play if you are an investor. This is no call on this post as it is a short term trading post. From a longer term investor point of view, the markets are not great bets right now- the blackjack deck is light….

  2. Wow, a little money leaks from tech companies with supply chains (AAPL, semis) and runs straight into tech companies w/out supply chains (FB SOT TWTR BABA . . .

  3. China’s market cycles still shine
    Pretty much no one watches the cyclical movements across markets and across decades except to say wow – every year or two – but I can see it everyday. I’ve been doing this for over 40 years managing billions most of the time. I put a picture out tonight that calls a high on the Shanghai Comp right here at 2985 with a low around April 10 – where the cyclical pressures tell us that China will let the yuan start declining to rescue the markets and start a new long equity rally .

    I will be off somewhere but my best case will be close to right. It will probably do that. I wrote this to startle you but i am interested in how the transmission takes place – it is not voo-doo but is there. I think it is a manual cyclical breakchain process. Manual means I am a slave.

    It is powerful as hell or at least I think so but it has proven hard to propagate.

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