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As The World Turns: Full Week Ahead Preview

Or "burns" - whichever.

Or "burns" - whichever.
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3 comments on “As The World Turns: Full Week Ahead Preview

  1. Anonymous

    1st you were captivated by the “the art of the deal” …but wait, there’s more….soon you will be treated to the most important book of our time…”how to win friends and influence people” …which is far superior to “girls on film, loans and people I’ve never met as far as you know”

  2. Lance Manly

    If I hear any more about the 2 million barrels of spare capacity the Saudi’s have this week I am going to puke. The Saudi’s always say they have 2 million spare to keep their title as the swing producer. Problem is no one has ever seen it. Any time push comes to shove, they pull some oil out of storage for a few weeks then drift back again to a sustainable level. If they actually pushed their fields that hard they could damage some of them for years, they aren’t that stupid, and people still buy the smoke and mirrors.

  3. Error404

    Remind me…..what percentage of IWM stocks is actually profitable? Gee, a whole two-thirds. Lots of profits there to shelter, then. Sounds like a safe-haven buy to me. Moving on……if only I could find a way to hedge my VEF exposure.

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