‘Over-Analysis’ Is Going To Keep You From Making 230% On EM Stocks – But That’s Your Problem

“Can’t be distracted with what’s goin’ on with the war, or what’s wrong with the economy – stop worrying about that!”…

Let the bull market do its job. 


‘Investors May Have Wandered Into A Casino Without Realizing It’

So one hopes investors are cognizant of the possibility that they are chasing an EM FX rally more than they are “investing” in emerging markets with this trade.

EM’s Best Run Since 2004 Continues As Jobs Number Greenlights ‘Carry’ On

That’s all fine and good and we wish anyone who’s still in this trade the best, but…

This Hasn’t Happened Since 2005

Just how enamored are equity investors with emerging markets relative to the U.S.? 

The Risks For This Asset Class Are Asymmetrically Skewed To The Downside

Given that the weaker dollar and a slow pace of policy normalization are key pillars of support for emerging markets, and given that the same thing that’s weighing on the dollar (Donald Trump) is also behind fleeting risk-off moves, it makes sense that EM would outperform USD HY. But…

Is Anyone Worried About Emerging Market Stocks Sitting At 3-Year Highs?

…this is another one of those scenarios where everyone seems to be pretty damn sure that nothing can go wrong. 

To Mongolia And Beyond

I found you some yield…

This Hasn’t Happened In 22 Weeks…

Turning point?

The Dirty Little Secret Behind The EM Rally…

“However, below the surface”…

How Is This Even Legal? EM Debt Fund Cash Balances Hit 4-Year Lows

“…that makes it harder for fund managers to avoid selling securities if volatility jumps from record lows and redemptions increase.”

By This Measure, Thursday Was A ‘Black Monday’

But you know what they say: “it’s probably nothing.”

As ‘Nuclear’ Story Count Goes Nuclear, One Trader Says Look Out Below In EM

“Investors’ focus becomes dominated by risk-management and the profit-and-loss bottom line. Everything else is secondary.”

Popular Emerging Market ETF Has Worst Day Since December Fed Hike

Looks like some folks have an “emerging” problem on their hands…

This Top Performing Asset Should Keep Performing: Goldman

So the only question here is this: “what does Goldman think?” 

Not really, but in case that is a question you were asking yourself…

‘ETFs Will Be Disproportionally Influential In Selloffs’: BofAML On EM Bond Funds

“ETFs are likely to be disproportionally influential during market selloffs given their limited cash levels to absorb outflows and a more opportunistic investor base.”