This Shit Is Deeper Than Washing Machines: Markets Aren’t Ready For Trump’s ‘Hot’ Trade War

It’s deeper than residential washing machines, folks.


Storm The Castle.

Grab a pitchfork.

Kanye Shrug.

And that’s the week.

Soooo… Can I Still Go Golfing?

Is it Friday yet?

DACA Schoen: Full Week Ahead Preview

All eyes on (geo)politics. And Canada. Of course.

Kitchen Sink.

Everything but…

Sign Of The Times.

Well, in what we can only describe as a sign of the surreal times in which we live (and trade)…

It’s All Overbought! Here, Look…

So is there anything that’s not overbought?

Well, yes.

JPMorgan: Buy The Prospective Dip

There you go. If you see a dip, you buy it. Immediately. 

Reservoir Dogs.

“He’s just gonna decide – out of the blue! – to rip us off?”

‘What Goes Up’: Everything.

And you know what they say about “what goes up”…

Is This The Ultimate Market Irony Of 2017?

“America first?”

Color Me Bigly.

Risk. On. Dammit.

Trouble In Paradise.

There’s trouble in market paradise.

Here Are Goldman’s Top Themes And Trades For 2018, So If You Don’t Get Rich That’s Your Problem, Ok?

Maybe you heard and maybe you didn’t, but Goldman’s got themselves some trade ideas for 2018 they want to tell you about, ok?