‘Triple-Digit Club’: Spanish Stocks, Bonds Slide, Spread To Bunds Hits 100bps As Rajoy Faces No-Confidence Vote

Sorry, Mario. Looks like September is looking less and less feasible.


Sincerely Yours. 😥

Oh well. 😥

One Bank Discovers A ‘Staggering’ Stat Amid Italian Bond Selloff

Witness the power of CSPP.

Tom And Jerry.

No shortage of entertainment on Wednesday.

Can You Say ‘Quantitative Failure’? Fresh Evidence Of Eurozone Economic Deceleration Raises Uncomfortable Questions

Even without the Italian jitters, you do not want to be tightening policy into a slowdown and again, this just underscores the risk inherent in persisting in accommodation for years upon years…

A Not-So-Brave New World: What’s The Difference Between Markets During QE And Now?

Any bids on BTPs and/or the lira?


Monday was predictable.

Attack Of The Mini-BOTs: Some Folks Are Going To Get Varoufakis’d

Parallel currency worries.

Pulling The Punchbowl When The Espresso Is Hot And The Economy Is Cooling

Some folks are skeptical.


And that’s the week.

What Could Go Wrong? Italy Is The Proud Owner Of A Populist Coalition Government

So you can go ahead and look forward to more fretting over this and you can also look forward to plenty of accusations from Di Maio and Salvini about how the evil “eurocrats” won’t let them spend their way to oblivion.

We’ll Have To Wait And See.

Be patient. It’ll work out. Maybe.

Italian Bonds Spooked As Two Guys Who Are Admittedly ‘Not Superman And Batman’ Ponder Asking For €250 Billion ECB Writedown

Populism strikes again.

Word Is Bond.

Dat’s yo’ word, son?

‘Transitory’ Or Not, European Deceleration Raises ‘QF’ Specter, Dreaded ‘Ammo’ Question

Nobody say “quantitative failure”.