Time For A French Kiss?

Meanwhile, across the pond…


Phew, That’s Over – Now Go Get Drunk.

Well, what can you say?


More records.

Into The Wild Blue Yonder.

Ok, well there were some notable headlines to start the week…

Thanks A Lot: Full Week Ahead Preview

Holiday road.

Sour Note.

Well, an eventful week ended on a sour note, which is a shame for the bulls because Thursday was a barnburner. 

Here Are Goldman’s Top Themes And Trades For 2018, So If You Don’t Get Rich That’s Your Problem, Ok?

Maybe you heard and maybe you didn’t, but Goldman’s got themselves some trade ideas for 2018 they want to tell you about, ok?

It Could Have Been Worse – A Lot Worse.

The setup was terrible, with falling commodities, a downbeat Asian session, and junk jitters weighing on sentiment.

More Questions, Less Answers.

Not what I would call an “upbeat” session.

Of Double-Downgrades, Booming GDP And Stocks That Are Priced To Perfection

…and all the commentary was accompanied by stock photos of people in hard hats making shit with screwdrivers.

Back To The Future.

It was a good day for the “future.”

One Trader Asks: ‘Jeez, What Does Draghi Know That We Don’t?’

“It feels like yesterday will be as good as the news gets once investors start thinking about it.”

Revisiting The Only Thing That Matters In A Taper: Stock Vs. Flow Effects

As a reminder, no one knows the answer to this yet. That’s how it works with things that are “unprecedented.”

A ‘Bleak’ Near-Term Outlook For EURUSD

“Narratives often dominate fundamentals for weeks at a time. Often, old data will be looked at in a new, supportive light when the story shifts, while fresh, contradictory information is dismissed.”

‘Crisis’ Averted.

Now back to your regularly scheduled rally.