Take Note: ‘This Will Have Profound Implications For Everything The USD Touches’

Are you short the dollar (implicitly or explicitly)?


Keep. It. Together.


ECB On Hold: Everything You Need To Know For Draghi

It’ll be more interesting than people were anticipating in light of last Friday’s comments from Draghi and recent lackluster econ.

The Dragon, The Riks, And The Wardrobe

Well, here’s hoping the “dragon energy” is with you on Thursday.

Around The World In 1,200 Words: Full Week Ahead Preview

As usual, lots on the docket.

Digesting Friday’s Draghi, ECB Headlines

A poor choice of words (?) and another leak.

A Bit Of Confusion.

Well, that was interesting.

Here Are The 3 Reasons Why Mario Draghi Should Worry

…if you wait too long and the cycle turns on you while you’re still sitting in NIRP with a bloated balance sheet, well then where do you go from there?

We’ll See What Happens.

Waiting game.

Thoughts On The ECB Minutes And A Bearish Euro Call For EURUSD Bulls

Here’s some shit you probably won’t read. But I wasted time on it anyway, because why not?

The ECB Is Super Proud Of Themselves In Annual Report – There’s Just One Problem…

“…data surprises are now the most negative since the peripheral crisis.”

War And (No) Peace: Full Week Ahead Preview

Say your prayers.

Quarter Back.

It was only fitting that the quarter should close in dramatic fashion for U.S. equities.


…so buy that dip!

Objectively Crazy.

Yep. Batshit.