2019’s Dominant Trends Reverse In Year-End Shuffle

Equities appear poised for something of an anticlimactic end to a rip-roaring 2019. The last day of the year finds stocks lacking inspiration, and the dollar continuing to slide against all its major peers. The greenback has fallen for four consecutive days and is off some 1.6% for December. This comes just a month removed from October's dive, the worst monthly slide since January of 2018. Of course, this is generally good news for risk assets, but not much can be divined given year-end distor

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2 thoughts on “2019’s Dominant Trends Reverse In Year-End Shuffle

  1. This silly trade policy is holding the economy back. Doesn’t cost money, doesn’t increase the deficit and debt. Was a big reason for the sub par growth. May not help the carnival worker hawking his snake oil to his base but would help the economy.

    Trump could use his “great” business acumen to make govt more efficient and move the govt spending to more productive areas. Deficit neutral but economically positive.

    Of course that would take work and it is more fun to twittercize the opposition, play golf, and do rallies.

    And debt doesn’t matter because we always have MMT.

  2. Trump was never and will never be the brains behind making America great again. And every day he’s in office the road to greatness gets a bit longer.

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