No Magical Solution

No Magical Solution

Daily coronavirus cases in Germany topped 20,000 for the first time since the onset of the pandemic, underscoring the urgency inherent in Angela Merkel's partial lockdown, announced Wednesday to the chagrin of European equities. The country recorded more than 23,500 new cases in the 24 hours through Thursday morning. Daily deaths rose to the highest in almost six months. European stocks attempted what felt like a feeble bounce after logging steep declines Wednesday, but the mood was cautious t
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2 thoughts on “No Magical Solution

  1. If a double dip recession is all but unavoidable in Europe I have a hard time believing the US can avoid a similar fate, we have an out of control virus and no prospect for fiscal relief in the near term, not to mention “election” risk. After all, if we learned anything from MAGA is that the US can do everything other nations do better and more bigly, our double dip may put Europe’s to shame.

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