After All That Hype.

Aaand that’s the week.


When Doves Try.

This is what it sounds like.

‘Plain English’.

Do you speak it?!

‘The Party Is Still Going’: Why One Bank Sees 2,900 For The S&P By Year-End

I’m not sure it qualifies as a “bold” call, but it is “a” call.

Give Me Some Damn Credit – Or Actually, No. Don’t.

More on the disconnect.

Meet Me In Singapore.

As everyone holds their breath…

‘Investors Have Been Struggling To Make Money This Year’: One Bank Details A ‘Tricky’ Environment

“Milk was a bad choice”.

A Gross Disconnect And Why Now Is Probably The Time To Bail On Stocks With Weak Balance Sheets

Fair warning.

Credit Disagrees With U.S. Stocks (Again): Who’s Right?

Spoiler alert…

Tipping Dominos At 4 A.M.

Sour mood headed into a risky weekend.

Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay.

This should have been an uneventful day, but alas.

God Bless Us, Everyone.

Muddling through, where that means: voracious rally.

Marko Kolanovic (Who Was Right Again In May), Still Constructive On Stocks, Sees Possible Downside From Prolonged Trade Tension

“…re-risking is likely to continue during the summer as volatility stays contained and investors increase equity positions.”

Pardon Him.

Put on your tinfoil hats and let’s make some damn money.

All Enemies, Foreign, Domestic, Real And Imagined: Full Week Ahead Preview

Shifting alliances, political turmoil, conspiracy theories and just the usual crazy shit.