Guest Post: Romance Is For Losers

“This is what trading is all about. We are constantly battling what we want to do, and what we should do. Even those who understand the game exceptionally well, are constantly battling their own inner demons.”


“Unexplained, High-Volume Drops,” Yuan Shenanigans, And A Cartel Meeting

Well, things have been “choppy” overnight and especially around the flood of OPEC headlines that started coming in around 4:30 a.m. EST. As noted earlier this morning, crude dipped precipitously (although, the definition of phrases like “precipitous dip” and “flash crash” seems to be getting more liberal by the day of late) when Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister…

Storm Clouds Gather As Trump Headline Risk, Terror Attack Battle Econ Data For Market’s Heart

Well, this market’s mettle is being tested. Again. On Monday evening we got what might fairly be described as the worst kind of double-whammy: a WaPo report containing new revelations about Donald Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice in the Russia probe and a terrorist attack that killed 22 people in Manchester. The knee-jerk risk-off move…

“Here Today, Gone Tomorrow,” One Trader Indicts A “Sheep-Like, Cynical” Market

“Last week it was, U.S. is cratering, the legislative agenda is dead, China is tightening at a dangerous rate and Brazil will take down the emerging market complex. So far today, and it’s only Monday, global growth is accelerating, corporate profits are great, China knows exactly when to ease off the decelerator, PMIs are a source of strength not worry.”