Jeff Gundlach Discovers ‘Strange, Weird’ Truth About Bitcoin And Stocks

“Strangely, bitcoin seems to be the poster child for social mood and market mood.”


Goldman’s Buyback Desk Has Most Active 2 Weeks In History

Well it’s time for another update on how corporate America intends to spend the windfall from the GOP tax cuts…

David Stockman Presents: A $67 Trillion Nightmare

“To wit, there never would have been a double inverse VIX ETF under a regime of honest money and free market financial discipline; nor would you find European junk bond yields trading inside of US treasuries.”

High Note.

And so the holiday-shortened week comes to a close and it delivered everything that could have been reasonably expected of it.

The February Vol. Spike ‘Shattered All Previous Events In Terms Of Fragility’

Handle with care.

This Is ‘Atypical’: Hedge Funds Ride Out Correction By Sticking With Most Crowded Positions

Well in a testament to the relative merits of doing the opposite of what David has been doing by simply riding the wave in the bubble stocks (with leverage) at a time when nothing makes any sense…

Good News: Marko Kolanovic Still Sounds Pretty Bullish

Gandalf. Need more Gandalf.

David Stockman: ‘This Is Getting Pretty Ridiculous’

“Mind you, while that number wasn’t exactly diminutive, it had taken all of 188 years to accumulate. That is to say, Uncle Sam had borrowed an average of $28,000 per week during the 9,776 weekssince George Washington was sworn in as the nation’s first president.”

Fly Me To The Moon.

I was told Icarus would be unleashed.

When Are Bond Yields ‘Kryptonite’ For Stocks? The Debate Rages On…

“Clients and colleagues are asking if there’s a magic interest rate that’s kryptonite to stocks; is it 3.0% or 3.5% on the 10Yr Treasury?”

David Stockman Compares ‘This Time’, To Last Time And It Actually Is ‘Different’

“In that cyclical context, the historic record leaves little doubt about the foolishness of pricing the stock market at peak PE multiples during the final innings of the business cycle.”

Wait, What?

If you don’t have a sense of humor, the market’s reaction to the Fed minutes was probably pretty frustrating for you. 

‘The Truth Is, We Don’t Know’: What Is The Line In The Sand For Bond Yields?

Well, the debate around what the number is for 10Y yields has devolved into a veritable obsession for markets at this point. 

Welcome Back!

The win streak is over.

Corporations Are Buying The Dip, So What The Hell Is Your Excuse?

Don’t worry, you can always lean on the price-insensitive corporate bid.