You People Gave The Best Earnings Season In Recent Memory The Kanye Shrug. Why?



Nuclear Football.

And that’s the week.

Here’s Why Goldman Thinks ‘Long Volatility Strategies Are Timely’

“Historic lows”…

One Analyst Reminds ‘Old, Grizzled’ PMs That ‘We’re Late In The Cycle’ Is Not Research

Take that, “old, grizzled PMs.”

Forget The Bombs, Buy The Stocks.

Risk on.

‘February Was As Significant As The 2007 Quant Meltdown’: Here’s What Goldman Expects For Volatility

Just buy the dip, Jerry. Everyone’s buying the dip.

The Day After.

One day on…

Did January 2018 Mark ‘Peak Retail Investors’?

Ahhh, retail investors.

Hold My Beer While I Poke This Hornet’s Nest.

Well, he did it.

Problems Are Emerging.

Who said EM meltdown?

Here’s A Post About ‘Sell In May And Go Away’ – There Won’t Be Another One

Old adages.

Should You Buy The Banks Like, Right Now? Yes! No. I Don’t Know, Maybe!

Clients just want to know when the damn recession is coming, ok?

It’s ‘Grotesque’! Of Buybacks And Leverage

“…it’s not like you have to dig deep to find a problem.”

In The Meantime.

And that’s the week.

Riders On The Storm(y).

Turn on your wipers.