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Center Stage: Full Week Ahead Preview

No pressure.

It was a somewhat subdued weekend from a news flow perspective, with reports that Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank have commenced merger talks, another round of Yellow Vest protests in France and President Race War's verbal assault on foes real and imagined filling in the gaps between soundbites from would-be Democratic presidents stateside. Hodgepodge The Deutsche-Commerzbank merger has been in the rumor mill for months and the consummation of the deal would create a $2.05 trillion lender at a time when European banks are beset from all sides as the outlook is clouded by the persistence of the ECB's adventures in NIRP and pressing concerns about the outlook for the bloc's economy amid a burgeoning global downturn. It goes without saying that the merger will be a costly endeavor and that skeptics abound. In France, the persistence of domestic political upheaval (this was the 18th straight weekend of protests) was underlined by a lackluster police response, with accusations flying that Macron has failed to maintain law and order. This is fertile ground for you know who. "Far-right leader Marine Le Pen accused the government of shutting down far-right pressure groups while failin
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