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‘The Frogs Were Boiled’, So What’s Next?

One bank is bullish, but "not foolish".

One bank is bullish, but "not foolish".
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11 comments on “‘The Frogs Were Boiled’, So What’s Next?

  1. 2000 never panned out because it’s not the end of 2019 yet. Although I don’t see such a large drawdown, SoGen still has another 9 months to be correct on that call.

  2. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    I don’t understand the measurements for liquidity, because it seems to be binary. It is either ‘abundant’ or ”non-existent’ but nothing in between.

  3. My intuitive has been allocating just about how this post describes potential events though the next 12-15 months but my eyes can’t seem to focus on the range going into 2022. Problem is these markets the last few years were expert at proving a lot of us wrong.

  4. “Classic” measures of valuation (CAPE, Buffett indicator, Tobin, etc) are still at historically elevated levels. At SOME point valuations do matter and could well take the S&P towards 2,000 by end 2019… “misprint” notwithstanding..

  5. “On the other side of a correction?” Wow. It really is 2007-2008 redux graveyard whistling.

    • Seems more like 1987, with the market high, people reluctant to miss the last bit, and reliant on “portfolio management” to save their butts.

  6. Billy Oxygen

    Soc Gen “you should wait appx 9 months to get a better deal on a new truck”. $5 bucks a month is money well spent.

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