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April Fools And The Teleportation Of Volatility

Is the kind of euphoria we saw on Monday justified?

Is the kind of euphoria we saw on Monday justified?
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4 comments on “April Fools And The Teleportation Of Volatility

  1. Excellent Post! Are the proverbial fools rushing in where angels fear to tread? Time will tell…

  2. Each of the analysts chosen on this blog has a particular unique focus and there is a distinct rotation in who is more correct at a given point in time. Will have to contemplate on that!!!

  3. This concept makes sense to me. It reminds of some principles that might be found un-natural population dynamics with hints of the conservation of energy, whirlpools without vortex, the mythology of flat frequency response, and pampas. I commend the author for sharing his unique knowledge and style, as well as his well played quotes of other smart well written people for amplification. Good grief what a pleasure it is.

  4. The post makes sense. For awhile currency markets were the shock absorbers for markets. Now this piece suggests that politics provides the pressure release valve. Except in this model it is probably more accurate to say that political systems are not up to the challenge, and thus add to the volatility.

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