‘You Know What? It’s Fine.’

There’s always tomorrow…


Close Your Eyes And Buy.

Don’t worry about the orange man.

Calm Before The Storm.

Although you’d be forgiven for asking where the “calm” was.


Another day, another…

Rotate Me.

“The past few weeks have been marked by significant rotations.”

Hurricane Damage: Full Week Ahead Preview

Ok, well it’s Sunday which means, barring Trump wandering into a nuclear war in the next several hours, tomorrow will be Monday. This week they’ll be a lot of talk about…

No Market Is An Island.

Best of luck in Q4 and here’s hoping there’s a Q1 2018.

Small-Caps Are The Most Overbought In 14 Years

So is that good news or bad news?

False Start.

15 yards…

‘Believe Me.’

What could go wrong?

This Doesn’t Always End Badly But If It Does…

“In sum, there’s no guarantee that the market will drop over the next five days, but if it does: look out below!”

Don’t Look Up – Or Down…

“Ideological interpretation: Looking down is a mistake — the system works only if no one opens his eyes.”


But not like Beldar.

‘Bring Out Your Dead!’ Another One Bites The Dust

“Bring out your dead!”…

Bad News: The Buyback Scheme Has Reached A Limit

“Perhaps over-leveraged US companies have finally reached a limit.”