God Bless Us, Everyone.

Muddling through, where that means: voracious rally.


One Trader Asks: What If We’re All Looking At The Wrong Thing?

“For the past decade, Wall Street has gained at the expense of Main street. What if that’s about to change? What if Main Street is about to experience an economic revival that surprises all the bearish pundits?”

Opposite Day.

Like yesterday, only completely different.

We’ll Have To Wait And See.

Be patient. It’ll work out. Maybe.

Quarter Back.

It was only fitting that the quarter should close in dramatic fashion for U.S. equities.

The Moon Shot.


Black Monday.

The bottom fell out.

Judgment Day.

“… and the sun became black as sackcloth.”

Everything Was Going Great Until…

It was not to be…

Cities Upon Hills And Castles In The Sky.

Thank God it’s Friday.

Sign Of The Times.

Well, in what we can only describe as a sign of the surreal times in which we live (and trade)…

Hell Hath No (Fire And) Fury.

Up, up and away, but remember…

Reservoir Dogs.

“He’s just gonna decide – out of the blue! – to rip us off?”

‘What Goes Up’: Everything.

And you know what they say about “what goes up”…

Ignore That Raging Dumpster Fire.

Just try not to focus on that, ok?