"I can't feel my face."
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3 comments on “Overdose.

  1. tambatheman

    I think at this point they are just messing with us. I am loosing money though, today a nice 1.6% drop, but as a wise English man once said ” It’s just money. Pieces of paper with pictures on them so we don’t have to kill each other over a plate of food “. At this rate though, i don’t think we are going to have to kill each other over a plate of food but over covfefe what ever the fuck covfefe is.

  2. I don’t think 1/0 of 1% of the comatose US population even half way understands how efficiently the Chinese have gamed the US on trade issues over the last 10 years…..Barak Obama, snake oil salesman par excellence least of all. Chinese leadership considered him a weak kneed joke. If as always, the game as proposed by the Democrats and their sycophants in the media is to roll over and play dead, instead of being tough for a change I’m sure Xi JinPing, a man with half the brains, a $US500million – $US2billion net worth and a worse haircut then his last two predecessors will be happy to accommodate us. Its the fall of the Roman Empire meets the Barbarians at The Gates….and we in our glorious stupidity and amnesia are the enemy.

    • monkfelonious

      Yes, yes the orange 5-ball’s haircut is sooo much nicer than Ping’s. Ping’s looks just like R. Reagan’s, widow’s peak and all, doncha think? And 5-ball’s like Ronald McDonald’s only more downy, kinda like a baby Peking duck’s butt.

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