Death & Taxes.

“That’s one small step for rich people and corporate ‘citizens’ and one giant leap for Republicans who can’t get shit done”…


You Are A Silly Bunch With Your Fingers On $610 Billion

You people are an irrational bunch and you always have been.

Is It ‘All Tech’?

You can draw your own conclusions there…

Does The Junk Bond Rout Prove Big-Cap Tech Is Detached From Reality?

“So maybe it’s not so much that equities are out of synch with high yield, as much as it is”…

Stocks Tried To Lie To Jeff Gundlach – And You Can’t Lie To Jeff Gundlach

In the end, the “truth” will prevail.

A Truly Taxing Day.

Thursday, bloody Thursday.

‘Great Again’

Are we there yet?

Starting Today, You Can Get In As Much Trouble As David Einhorn

“Remember – bulls and bears make money, pigs get slaughtered. Hedging has now never been easier.”

‘Do Something!’

And that, folks, is the week.

Much Ado About Nothing.

Not sure where the fireworks were but maybe you can point me to them.

Oh, Nothing. Just Another Ridiculous Nasdaq Stat For You…

“Of course.”

Bad News! The Equity ‘Melt-Up’ Already Happened

“Rarefied air”…

Trick Or Treat.


Here Are A Bunch Of Scary Charts For Halloween.

“The only thing to fear is fear itself.”

Going To The Mattresses.

“How bad do you think it’s gonna be?”