On Monday, Donald Trump Deliberately Tanked The Stock Market Because He’s Mad At WaPo

So if you’re an Amazon shareholder or really, if you’re long stocks in general, just consider what’s going on here.


So What Happens Next? Global Risk Sentiment Could Be ‘Fragile’

Who knows! That’s the fun of it, right?

Quarter Back.

It was only fitting that the quarter should close in dramatic fashion for U.S. equities.

Low Tech.

It should be fine. Really.

The Day The Robots Died.



…so buy that dip!

Hide The Women And Children.

“Tremendous” things are happening.

Objectively Crazy.

Yep. Batshit.

Trader: ‘Too Many Asset Classes Feel Both Stretched And Crowded’

“The rubber band is stretched, but keeps getting pulled back farther and farther.”

‘Long FAANG’ Is The Most ‘Crowded Trade’ (Again): Fair Warning

Oh, good. 

The new edition of BofAML’s Global Fund Manager survey is out, which means we get a fresh look at what folks told Michael Hartnett about the “most crowded trades”.

Face The Music.

In terms of news flow on Tuesday, everything took a backseat to Facebook and the worsening Cambridge Analytica scandal, which is spiraling rapidly out of control.

Nomura Unveils The ‘4 Triggers’ That Will ‘Burst The Data Bubble’

Whether that’s a good or bad thing for society is an open question and largely depends on how regulatory action is justified and who it is that’s doing the regulating.

Crazed Investors Panic-Sell Nasdaq ETF Days After Panic-Buying Same ETF

Boy, you morons are a fickle bunch, I’ll tell you what.

Tech ‘Triple-Whammy’: Beware A Domino Effect

Here we are a day on from some Facebook-induced market mayhem and it looks like everyone is in wait-and-see mode. Who can blame them?

Train Wreck.

Monday was a train wreck from start to finish.