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Tautologies, Perpetual Motion, Amazon And Alphabet

The titans must not fall.

The titans must not fall.
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3 comments on “Tautologies, Perpetual Motion, Amazon And Alphabet

  1. AMZN and GOOG getting taken to the woodshed after hours……

  2. Psychometrics is certainly the tech ‘born’ into 2016 and of the future. FB, GOOG TWTR and AMZN are psyop leaders.

    MSFT and IBM are ahead (in the US) on quantum computing competing with the state owned China industrials. All these business models are looking as strong as ever. Accenture ACN is also deeply in psychometrics and defense, but under the headline radar. These businesses, in an ETF or not will go still go head-to-head with China and ultimately Democracy itself, if they are in an ETF or not.

    I encourage everyone I know to eschew FB and TWTR for anything but smileys on kid pics. I want rights on privacy similar to the EUs concerns. But until that regulatory threat has teeth in the US, these companies represent the wild west and the C-Suite cackle of greed which exploit privacy manipulation, judicial arbitrage and monetizing philosophical chimera of “Freewill.”

    So in my mind the FAANG, by and large IS the future. The market is along for the ride as we finance Orwell’s warnings. Willingly.

    Ben Hunt at Epsilon Theory has been posting interesting psychometric charts from NLP ai. Keep up on that.

    PS: Theoretically, a quantum computer can crack a blockchain in a couple days (hours?), so even ‘decentralized’ crypto may be an illusion and just another node in the psychometric data grab.

  3. There has been a bit more dispersion in the FAANGs lately which i think is interesting. AAPL and AMZN and NFLX have stayed in motion (until this month) while GOOG and FB have struggled. GOOG and FB have a lot of CF and dominant share as does AAPL while AMZN and NFLx derive more value in outer years. MSFT has also been perpetual motion but back by strong growth in CFs. There is more dispersion lately which I think is good. I may not agree with how the markets chooses them but maybe we get less of what Howard was saying going fwd. The economy and sectors are so growth deficient in many parts and growthy in so few so what we have seen makes some sense but it has seemed to have gone to extremes at times. This recent episode of indigestion has offered up some possible opportunities if one gets the future CFs right.

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