The Poverty Of Tech And The Tech Of Poverty

It was one of those rainy and damp days, I was finding my way out of the F-train subway on Bergen St. in Brooklyn. On the mezzanine level, in the corner of the stairwell, I noticed a young man, couldn’t have been much older than 30….


Here Are The Biggest Risks Facing Tech

This debate is obviously crucial for the market going forward. Everyone is acutely aware of how important it is for tech high-fliers to avoid an Icarus moment until we finally see the fabled “rotation” back into value or, more simply, until another sector proves it’s capable of taking the baton in this aging bull market.

‘Maybe There Isn’t A Big Tail Risk’ In Tech (?)

Are the regulatory demons real?

‘FANGs Are A Fairyland, The Sector Is Almost Fake’: Analyst

“I think the really interesting thing is it shows sort of the kind of fairyland that FANGs have been operating in.”

Here’s Why U.S. Equity Losses Are ‘Far From Over’ (And Why It Should Be Fine In The Long-Term)

After Monday’s rout on Wall Street, the same people who were asking if the near-term pain was behind us as stocks rallied into quarter end last Thursday will probably be tempted to ask something similar on Tuesday assuming the bottom doesn’t fall out immediately. 

On Monday, Donald Trump Deliberately Tanked The Stock Market Because He’s Mad At WaPo

So if you’re an Amazon shareholder or really, if you’re long stocks in general, just consider what’s going on here.

The 3 ‘T’s: Full Week Ahead Preview

In essence, the same things everyone was watching last week (e.g. tech, trade, Trump) will be in focus again…

Amazon, Tesla, Facebook And Investing In ‘The Future’

“…to all you Marty McFlys out there”…

Tech Rout Goes Global, Sinks Hong Kong Shares In Wednesday Bloodbath

The robot carnage on Wall Street predictably spilled over into Asian markets on Wednesday.

Nomura Unveils The ‘4 Triggers’ That Will ‘Burst The Data Bubble’

Whether that’s a good or bad thing for society is an open question and largely depends on how regulatory action is justified and who it is that’s doing the regulating.

Tech ‘Triple-Whammy’: Beware A Domino Effect

Here we are a day on from some Facebook-induced market mayhem and it looks like everyone is in wait-and-see mode. Who can blame them?

Ok Guys, We’re Goin’ On Tour.

Predictably, it went awry almost immediately.

Beware The Crowd: One Bank Warns On Rebalance Risk

As we kick off the new year, BofAML’s Savita Subramanian is out warning about a dynamic that has the potential to trigger a similar shift out of crowded names and into neglected stocks.

Christmas Hangover.

Who’s still drunk?

Guess What? Retail Investors Have Been Accidentally Fading The Tech Rally Since 2014

You’re not buying enough of those “damn robots.”