Beware The Crowd: One Bank Warns On Rebalance Risk

As we kick off the new year, BofAML’s Savita Subramanian is out warning about a dynamic that has the potential to trigger a similar shift out of crowded names and into neglected stocks.


Christmas Hangover.

Who’s still drunk?

Guess What? Retail Investors Have Been Accidentally Fading The Tech Rally Since 2014

You’re not buying enough of those “damn robots.”

Oh, The Humanity! Asian Shares Dive As Tech Wreck Wreaks Havoc On Hong Kong

Well on Wednesday, things got worse – and materially so. 

Tech Selloffs, Taxes And Eonia Mysteries

No sooner had markets made Wednesday’s tech bloodbath a distant memory by staging a furious rally on Thursday predicated almost entirely on tax cut optimism, than things went awry in the Senate where lawmakers, still wrangling over the tax plan’s implications for the deficit, suspended voting until Friday.

Is It ‘All Tech’?

You can draw your own conclusions there…

Back To The Future.

It was a good day for the “future.”

Not Every FANG Made Goldman’s Super- Awesome New Growth Stock Team

No, you should not buy growth at any price.

Stark Raving Mad.

“Let me in.”

Sell FANG – Tech Is ‘More Tired Than Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Officer’

“During the last couple of weeks I have noticed that often Nasdaq underperforms the broad market, and it looks more tired than Lindsay Lohan’s probation officer.”

Monday Bloody Monday.

There will be blood.

Mohamed El-Erian Is Worried He Won’t Be Able To Get An Uber In London

“It seems that everywhere you look these days, tech is under attack.”

Since 2001…

These concerns have found expression in cautious notes from Goldman and lengthy missives penned by the likes of Howard Marks, who in July implicitly compared the current environment to the “perpetual motion machine” that was at work just prior to the dot-com bust.