Elizabeth Warren: ‘My Administration Will Break Up Facebook, Google, Amazon’

Elizabeth Warren: ‘My Administration Will Break Up Facebook, Google, Amazon’

By Elizabeth Warren Twenty-five years ago, Facebook, Google, and Amazon didn’t exist. Now they are among the most valuable and well-known companies in the world. It’s a great story – but also one that highlights why the government must break up monopolies and promote competitive markets. In the 1990s, Microsoft – the tech giant of its time – was trying to parlay its dominance in computer operating systems into dominance in the new area of web brows
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6 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren: ‘My Administration Will Break Up Facebook, Google, Amazon’

  1. Ok Elizabeth, I see you point. But what about Health Care, big Pharma, and insurance companies and the power, especially pricing power, they have over our lives.
    I’m self-employed and buy my policy in the individual marketplace. Let me tell you, Elizabeth, these companies are killing me and not softly with their song.

  2. We have to start somewhere and those three companies are the obvious choices. We
    have been ignoring imbalances in our market places for far too long. Our anti-trust laws have
    been ignored as our corporations have consolidated. Just too much economic power in the hands of too few corporations and individuals.

    1. And I see your point too and don’t necessarily disagree. The interesting thing is that at least I feel like I’m getting VALUE from Google and Amazon and their scale. I DO NOT feel like I or any of us are getting value from our healthcare companies and their ever-rising costs.
      Surely this value proposition should enter into the decisions to prioritize who to go after first.
      Oh, right, the healthcare cos are big donors to politicians

  3. Is Walmart still allowed to price all small businesses out of the country or this is just an internet thing? I think we better be thoughtful if this is the road we’re going down.. have the Tech Giants advantaged or harmed our economy and democracy? Do they hinder or advance the needs of small business? Are we focused on the businesses that are failing because of them and ignoring the economies that are emerging because of how successful these companies have been? Are you sure, and if so.. how sure?

  4. This is such a disgusting election ploy. Is tech really the problem? In this past lost decade Amazon and Google have been the only source of actual innovation, Facebook (especially through Instagram) has extended the use of the internet as a marketplace etc. etc. There are businesses that are natural monopolies: search engines, marketplaces, social networks. Imagine how unwieldy it would be to buy online from ten different places, or have to search for information on several different search engines. This is deceitful, it aims to direct the anger of American people towards the only companies that actually produce something new anymore.

    This is not how you fix the broken politics-business nexus. Remove money from politics. Ban lobbying. Monitor financials of every politician and their family, including property etc. etc. This is common sense.

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