Here Are The Biggest Risks Facing Tech

This debate is obviously crucial for the market going forward. Everyone is acutely aware of how important it is for tech high-fliers to avoid an Icarus moment until we finally see the fabled “rotation” back into value or, more simply, until another sector proves it’s capable of taking the baton in this aging bull market.


‘FANGs Are A Fairyland, The Sector Is Almost Fake’: Analyst

“I think the really interesting thing is it shows sort of the kind of fairyland that FANGs have been operating in.”

Never A Dull Moment.

If this were a reality TV show, the ratings would indeed be “tremendous”.

So What Happens Next? Global Risk Sentiment Could Be ‘Fragile’

Who knows! That’s the fun of it, right?

Amazon, Tesla, Facebook And Investing In ‘The Future’

“…to all you Marty McFlys out there”…

The Day The Robots Died.



…so buy that dip!

Hide The Women And Children.

“Tremendous” things are happening.

‘Long FAANG’ Is The Most ‘Crowded Trade’ (Again): Fair Warning

Oh, good. 

The new edition of BofAML’s Global Fund Manager survey is out, which means we get a fresh look at what folks told Michael Hartnett about the “most crowded trades”.

‘It’s A Big Deal, And He Knows It’: Zuckerberg To Speak As Analysts Ponder ‘Delete Facebook’ End Game

“The coverage, like the stock drop, is brutal”…

Nomura Unveils The ‘4 Triggers’ That Will ‘Burst The Data Bubble’

Whether that’s a good or bad thing for society is an open question and largely depends on how regulatory action is justified and who it is that’s doing the regulating.

Some Hedge Fund Folks Are Probably Hoping The Facebook Situation Doesn’t Get Worse

I’ll tell you what, if this Facebook debacle continues to spiral out of control, it’s going to be interesting to read some of the fund letters…

FTC Probing Facebook, Shares Dive


Tech ‘Triple-Whammy’: Beware A Domino Effect

Here we are a day on from some Facebook-induced market mayhem and it looks like everyone is in wait-and-see mode. Who can blame them?

Cambridge Analytica Does Not Use Entrapment, Bribes Or ‘Honey-Traps’, Ok?!

“In which we learn about how CA helps candidates around the world, like by bribing their opponents and sending them hookers.”