Jeff Gundlach Shows Up At Sohn Dressed As The Joker, Touts Facebook/Oil ‘Pair Trade’ That’s Just As ‘Risky’ As His Suit

Jeff Gundlach is a miracle of nature.

Normally, having billions of dollars is a free pass to do and say whatever one wants, because at the end of the day, nobody can tell you shit if you’re a billionaire.

As Kanye put it, “wait ’till I get my money right / then you can’t tell me nothin’, right?


Right. Or actually “wrong” if you’re Gundlach. Because thanks in no small part to Jeff’s laughably absurd Twitter feed which has been operational for a year now, we all know that he’s immeasurably crazier than Kanye, and is a rare exception to the free pass rule for billionaires.

Much like Donald Trump, Jeff is so overtly moronic and so alarmingly oblivious to how much of a standing joke he’s become, that it doesn’t occur to him that people are laughing at him, not with him.

If you aren’t up to speed on @TruthGundlach, do yourself a favor and peruse our Gundlach archive where you can find our full, play-by-play of the DoubleLine boss’s ill-advised plunge into the Twitterverse, where he’s managed to erase all doubt as to whether he is Donald Trump’s long, lost twin.

Well on Monday, Jeff eschewed his hologram self (“form of: Tupac at Coachella!“) in favor of showing up in the flesh at the Sohn Conference where he suggested a fucking RV trade involving Facebook and oil – and yes, I’m serious.

On Facebook, Gundlach reminds you that “there’s good and bad going on in the world, and interpretations matter.”

Ok? Remember, Jeff knows something about “good and bad in the world” – he’s scouring the globe for “good, truth loving souls.”


His commodities thesis is based on late cycle dynamics. “Some people think inflation should not rise going into a recession, but actually the opposite is true,” he said, adding that “one should expect that as the next recession approaches, commodities should have a big gain.”

Yes, “one should expect that.” And “one should also expect” that Jeff would be self-aware enough not to dress like a goddamn clown and wander around in public, but… well.. but see everything above. So here he is, in a literal joker costume which is actually appropriate:


And he wonders why people talk about him behind his back.

For anyone who wants to trade like Jeff by shorting Mark Zuckerberg and going long oil producers, just know that Jeff does call it “a fairly risk” idea. Much like that goddamn clown suit.



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