‘And Boy Was I Ever Right’: Jeff Gundlach Wants To Talk About Stocks, Bonds, Bitcoin And Of Course, Gundlach

So without further ado, here’s how “right” Gundlach is, was, and always will be…


Jeff Gundlach Unveils Groundbreaking Theory: Says Stocks May Fall If 10Y Yields Rise Above 3%

But hey, are you really surprised?

Jeff Gundlach Cracks Market Cipher, Discovers Equation For ‘Risk’

Jeff Gundlach Discovers ‘Strange, Weird’ Truth About Bitcoin And Stocks

“Strangely, bitcoin seems to be the poster child for social mood and market mood.”

Stocks Tried To Lie To Jeff Gundlach – And You Can’t Lie To Jeff Gundlach

In the end, the “truth” will prevail.

‘Moment Of Truth’ For Bond Market Is Here, Gundlach Imagines, As Yields Rise

Stop it, Jeff. There’s only so much “truth” we can take.

‘Truth-Loving Soul’ Jeff Gundlach Tweets 140 Characters Of Pure Bullshit

“I am a scorpion.”

WSJ Tempts Fate: Pokes The ‘Scorpion’ With Scathing Jeff Gundlach Piece

“Mr. Gundlach sometimes emails TCW executives, taunting them, boasting of his performance and accusing his rival of not playing fair, people familiar with the matter said.”

“Those emails have continued in recent months.”

Jeff Gundlach: ‘I Am A Scorpion’ In Search Of ‘Truth-Loving Souls’

“What the hell is going on over there?”

Gundlach Plot Thickens As Jeff Says ‘Fake’ WSJ Is Conspiring Against Him

Now I know what you’re thinking: “why would people be conspiring against Jeff Gundlach?”

But see that’s just it – we don’t know. And neither does Jeff.

A ‘Gradualistic’ Gundlach Says ‘You’re Supposed’ To Be ‘Moving To The Exits’

“I think you’re supposed to be gradualistically moving toward the exits.”

Gundlach Has Total Meltdown, Says Rivals Have Bribed Reporters, Calls Himself ‘Seinfeld’

It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you, right Jeff?

Jeff Gundlach Devastated After Discovering ‘Crass Hucksters’ Sold Him $1 Million In Fake Wine

Stick to investing, because when it comes to tasting vintage reds, it is you sir, who are the “fake.”

‘Rock-n-Roll’ Gundlach Says Bloomberg Is Lying About Him Again – Go Bills

What to say about “bond king” Jeff Gundlach? As regular readers know, Jeff is man who not too long ago bravely took the plunge into the Twitterverse. That’s not a move for the faint of heart. Indeed, if you join Twitter and don’t know, ahead of time, what you’re getting yourself into, you’re walking into…

A Distraught Gundlach Says “Alliteration Twins” Are Lying About Him As Conspiracy Deepens

The plot thickens…