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Jeff Gundlach Gets Loose, Tells CNBC We’re In A Bear Market, Says Your SPY Is Crap

"I'm pretty sure this is a bear market."

"I'm pretty sure this is a bear market."
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3 comments on “Jeff Gundlach Gets Loose, Tells CNBC We’re In A Bear Market, Says Your SPY Is Crap

  1. Not to defend Gundlach on this but a a certain point a simplified explanation is really in order.. The Biorhythm of this market points to down any way you massage it and excessively complicating events does not make one correct in the Analysis(re. Kocic post over the weekend);

    Neither the Fed nor the Whitehouse need help in attempts to muddy the waters as they appear expert enough to suit us all.

    • Kocic didn’t say anything like you’re suggesting. If you think he did, you didn’t understand the post. In fact, what he said was that what you’re seeing in markets is the natural result of the Fed’s convexity management efforts prizing stability in the long end over the equity market. Look at 10Y yields today. Any questions?

      • Also: the reason you get a “simplified explanation” from Gundlach, is because that’s all he’s willing/capable of providing, apparently.

        Don’t get fascinated with these people just because they’re on TV. I can sit in a chair and tell you that Bitcoin crashed and that the S&P is probably going to go lower before it hits new highs.

        It also helps that simply by saying that, Gundlach can ensure that his call comes true. “I think the S&P is going lower” —-> S&P goes lower on Gundlach comments —-> Gundlach was right.

        Same as: “I predict I’m going to eat turkey tonight —> gets in car, goes to store, buys turkey, makes sandwich —-> I was right.

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