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Monday, Bloody Monday.

Thanks Jeff!

Thanks Jeff!
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10 comments on “Monday, Bloody Monday.

  1. TZA it is for the Xmas money!

  2. Nothing Jeff said was any different from what I and everyone else knows is going on. Why does his talking about it have such an effect when his comments are so yesterday?

  3. ok was it sunday in the U2 recording from 30 years ago?
    Thanks H for the ongoing education. Who knew talking heads and other sentiment could be so important? Is it possible Sentiment can drive us into the next recession? For no reason other than idiots controlling all the buttons?


  4. what cnbs giveth…cnbs taketh away…

  5. This market was manipulated higher for the last several years by the very factors that are pushing it lower as we speak. Newton’s Law I might facetiously add. So what is everyone complaining about or staring at in disbelief.

  6. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    Markets are down and uncertain since forward, backward, and current guidance ended on November 12th, concurrent with a paywall erected here. Heisenberg Put?

  7. Just to underscore a point i’ve been making all day, I have no issue with people calling out frothy markets and otherwise being bearish when the circumstances warrant.

    problem is Gundlach showing up on CNBC on a day when things are fragile, saying absolutely nothing new (i.e., just fearmongering for the sake of fearmongering).

    why not put together something insightful and release it as a memo like Howard Marks does? or otherwise say something that’s meaningful?

    don’t just show up on CNBC and say “this is a bear market” in a lunchtime interview on a delicate day — he knew damn well what he was doing.

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