Jeff “The Truth” Gundlach Upstages Tupac, Appears As Hologram At SALT

If you think the late, great Tupac Shakur has anything on the very-much-alive, truth-telling Jeff Gundlach, you’d be wrong.

For those who don’t know their rap history, back in 2012 at Coachella, Tupac made a surprise appearance to perform alongside former label mates Snoop and Dr. Dre.

The reason that was so surprising was because at that point, Tupac had been dead for 15 years. Pac appeared in hologram form:


Well in an effort to upstage the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and prove that he is in fact “the one” (as he put it on Twitter last week), Gundlach showed up at the SALT Conference on Wednesday as a hologram.

No, really:

Here’s Barrons’:

Hot off his appearance at the SOHN Conference last week, where he recommended buying emerging markets and shorting the S&P 500 in a levered pair trade, DoubleLine’s Jeffrey Gundlach took the stage for a lunch-time talk at the SALT Conference today.

Or a reasonable facsimile of Gundlach did. Because of a scheduling conflict, Gundlach appeared on stage as a hologram broadcasted from a Hollywood studio. As strange as it sounds, it actually worked quite well. It was almost as if he was in the room.

As for “the Truth” himself, Gundlach was pleased with the performance of his not-“truth” self:

Yes, “everybody wins.”

Except Tupac.

Who is rolling in his grave.


Now if only Gundlach had started his speech with: “what the fuck is up SALT?!!!!

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