Video: Trump Says Life Has Treated Him Unfairly

Listen below as a man who inherited more money than most Americans can even conceptualize, and who spent his every waking second prior to being President rubbing his fortune in the faces of America’s working class, explains how unfairly life has treated him…

Whether his support base realizes it or not, that is just about the most insulting clip imaginable for the working class Americans who voted for this man.

Of course he’s right. Most Americans will “over the course of their lives find that things are not always fair.” As a reminder to those Americans, here’s what “unfair” looks like:


And do you know what? This is typical of populism anno 2017.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: these are con artists who in many cases are filthy rich pretending to be champions of the people.

What a fucking joke.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Trump Says Life Has Treated Him Unfairly

  1. Not a bad pep talk to a bunch of starie eyed graduates!
    Wonder if he wrote them all a check 100 million each out of his personal account to help each of them get a rock solid start? Fair is fair

  2. Without any doubt, he is truly the most self-centered egotistical narcissistic conceited ignorant dumb fuck who has ever walked on this earth! I almost want him to last at least a year just so he has 365 more days to endure all the ‘unfairness’ we can bestow on this dolt.

  3. One has to wonder what his ultimate fate will be when he leaves office. A lot will depend on how he leaves, weather it is in the next forty-five days, or four years from now (I can’t imagine him being 2-term right now) but I get the feeling that his shenanigans in our executive branch will leave a lasting scar on him. More succinctly, I think he ran as president to enrich himself, and I feel like in the end it may ruin him. Is that irony? I can never tell.

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