Gundlach Has 2nd Twitter Meltdown: Blasts “Losers,” “Haters,” Calls Himself “The One”


Earlier this week, Jeff Gundlach joined Twitter.

If you haven’t read our account of that “historic milestone” in FinTwit, please do – you owe it to yourself.

To recount, just two posts into his Twitter career, the “bond king” immediately dove down the angry Twitter rant rabbit hole with a series of tweets aimed at debunking what he called “fake news.” As a reminder, this was the 4-tweet tally:

  • 2 “fake news”s;
  • 2 all-caps “FALSE”s;
  • 1 all-caps “WRONG”;
  • 9 exclamation points;
  • 1 direct personal insult (Crise);
  • 1 “incompetent” and;
  • 1 derogatory “people”

Then, on the 5th tweet, he tried to upload a profile picture – an effort which produced this hilarious exchange with followers:


Well, fast forward to Thursday and in what we can only assume is another example of Jeff not understanding how shit works on Twitter, Gundlach is incredulous that people set up fake accounts and suspects “competitors” may be involved in a conspiracy to undermine him.

Check this out:

Then he goes “full-Twitter-Trump” with these two instant classics:

So the 3-tweet Trump-ish tally is:

  • 1 “haters”
  • 1 “fakers”
  • 1 plain old “fake”
  • 1 “sad”
  • 2 “winners”
  • 1 “losers”
  • 1 “real deal”
  • and 1 reference to himself as “the one, the only”


If this is a sign of things to come, then we’re going to be laughing for years….


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