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Jeff Gundlach Calls Reuters, Tells ‘Embarrassing’ Jay Powell To ‘Go Back In His Foxhole’

"I am going back into a foxhole."

"I am going back into a foxhole."
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4 comments on “Jeff Gundlach Calls Reuters, Tells ‘Embarrassing’ Jay Powell To ‘Go Back In His Foxhole’

  1. Given that Gundlach is a fanboy of the WH grifter, that alone has been an abiding reason to feel queasy about him. However, he has had his prescient victories of market reads and sometimes even his sanctimoniously unsolicited ad hominem drivel comports well with my frustrations/prejudicial pique about the Wall St. Ponzi shuffle – like Powell’s tergiversating mouthful of syllables yeaterday.

    I mean, c’mon. Yesterday. The epilogue should have gone like this:

    “When a reporter demanded a transparently clear explanation of what ‘patient’ denotes vis-a-vis grabbing his tergiversating ankles for the petulant bankster mob, a spokesperson for Powell said that he was unavailable to comment, due to the fact that the financial oligarchy had not dismissed him from heeling on all fours nor released him from the choke collar & leash; however, it was reported that he had been given treats and lots of “good boyyyy” encouragement for his obedience training success….”

  2. Harvey Darrow Cotton

    Be gentle, Mr. H. Half of American have $0.00 in investments. A lot of Americans that do, take iinvestment advice from a C.N.B.C. host who has to act like a wacky morning radio host with flashy buttons and whistles just to get a point across. A movie about the Great Recession had to come to a screeching halt so that Margot Robbie could break the fourth wall in a bathtub and literally exposit to the audience. (Man you musta have hated watching Big Short 😋) A. It was a Reuters interview. Mass audience, non-technical press. B. If you are a market mover or responsible for other people’s money, why would you ever say something remotely useable by competitors? Seriously, though, why do investment banks publish notes at all?

  3. It was not omitted from calculations by some, that Powell would go “Super-dove”… Perhaps it would be more interesting to try to figure who the beneficiaries of the surprise Fed stance actually were.. There are plenty of candidates with names easily recognized by most of us..Evaluating by that standard instead of the let’s mock Gundlach standard might yield a birds-eye view of what is to come….I am not a Gundlach fan but he does speak to a less sophisticated common denominator of investors than this website does and there are plenty of people included therein.

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