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This A ‘Bear Market’ And No Massive Rally Is Going To Convince Jeff Gundlach That It’s Not, Ok?!

Crazy like a fox!

Crazy like a fox!
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5 comments on “This A ‘Bear Market’ And No Massive Rally Is Going To Convince Jeff Gundlach That It’s Not, Ok?!

  1. Mr Gundlach ripped me a new one on a conference call when I asked, not told, but asked if high yield bonds were a good bond market sector. It was 2013 I think and of course high yield did very well going forward. But Mr. G pretty much called me an idiot for asking the question. You have to hand it to him, he is a really convincing marketer and in his circle of competence he is a very savvy investor. I don’t think high yield, or equities are in that circle though. And I was very surprised that he recommended investors buy BKLN in a Barron’s roundtable. Talk about an accident waiting to happen. If an ETF were going to blow up this would be the one. In his favor, since that recommendation short bank loans have done well. But it is liking picking up nickels in front of a steam roller. Ok said my piece, back to work.

  2. A boy may cry Wolf many times and be consistently wrong…..until…..the (3 month – 10 year) spread falls below 10 bps…….Plus.. this “boy” is wealthy as hell!

  3. Harvey Cotton

    First Gundlach gets ripped for being obviously right, and now he is getting ripped for being so obviously wrong. Poor guy can do nothing right.

    I don’t know why Gundlach deserves to be in your rogues’ gallery, though. Peter Schiff has predicted 107 out of the last three stock market crashes / recessions, and Catherine Wood said Tesla stock could hit $4,000 per. There seem to be a lot of goofy squawkers out there at least equally worthy of your derision.

    • jamaican

      True dat.
      Yet none of them has “truth” in his/her Twitter handle.

    • Well, Cathie is a nice gal – in fact, I went to the cocktail party when ARK first got up and running. true story (although she doesn’t know me as “Heisenberg”).

      But the answer to your question, frankly and with apologies to Cathie and Peter, is that nobody gives a shit what Cathie and Peter think. Gundlach, on the other hand, is a damn titan, love him or hate him.

      so, i feel like there’s just more comedic value with picking on Jeff because after all, Jeff doesn’t (and shouldn’t) give a damn what me or anybody else says because barring some kind of truly epic meltdown, his place in the hall of fame is cemented.

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