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Don’t Do It Joe – Any Of It.

"...not just another old white guy".

By now, it's probably apparent to regular readers that we're not particularly enamored with the prospect of Biden 2020. For one thing, this (apparently imminent) announcement has been far too long in the making. I suppose being the front-runner despite having not announced means time is on your side, but at this point, the effort to build suspense borders on the absurd. More importantly, we already know what a Biden versus Trump race will look and sound like. America got a preview of just how farcical it would be a year ago (almost to the day) courtesy of the following clip from a March 2018 anti-sexual assault rally at the University of Miami:   Trump wasn't amused and rather than just ignore the slight, he hopped on Twitter to explain how he thinks an imaginary fist fight with Biden would probably go. To wit: So, if you're wondering what campaign 2020 will look like in the event Biden is the Democratic nominee and Trump somehow manages to make it through 2019 without getting himself impeached, thrown in prison or committed to an insane asylum, there's a preview. And here's a passage from our coverage of Elizabeth Warren's 2020 bid that unders
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15 comments on “Don’t Do It Joe – Any Of It.

  1. mfn says:

    If AOC is the future, I’m in for the ride.

  2. Steve Evans says:

    Biden waited way too long. He’s finished before he declares, I reckon. Good piece – thanks.

  3. Lynn says:

    He could have Jesus as his running mate and it wouldn’t matter. The country is done with Joe, however wonderful.

  4. George says:

    The inmates rule the Asylum in America….no kidding …I am positive….

  5. hmsturkel says:

    I like Joe, really do. Would vote for him if there was no Beto. Beto can and will beat the pants out of Trump unless he is wearing the orange garb at Ricker Island!

  6. not dismissing Beto, but are you saying that none of any of sitting Democratic senators who have announced have any chance of beating Trump?

    • Anonymous says:

      Frankly, we need senators more than we need presidential candidates.

      Elizabeth Warren, for instance, would likely do a great job as president. However, her running against Trump would be a complete shitshow, and we really can’t afford to lose her in the senate where she’s done some great work.

  7. Anonymous says:

    No more centrist and right-center candidates. The American people want and demand a real candidate who will offer a real choice in ideology and take on the status quo. Hell, it’s only our very existence on this planet at stake and the Democrat party is 100% complicit in this boondoggle.

  8. DoubleB says:

    I understand the next election may decide the future of the planet, but I really need to know: IS Orange Vanilla Coke as good as you stated?

  9. Billy Oxygen says:

    Early purge is good because dilution is not the solution. Screw a bunch of participation trophies here please. I like Uncle Dick’s niece. I like it when she talks about her uncle Dick in the woods. Sounds funny, but I am not kidding. -Independent

  10. Poli Pundit says:

    Hickenlooper…the dude with the funny name. A total sleeper at this juncture, yet his genuine pedigree and honest approach to the task at hand will shine brighter and brighter as the campaign nastiness throttles up.

  11. babeinwoods says:

    “That folks, is what the future looks like.” Left me with goose bumps. I do like AOC but I think Beto has a better chance. I wish someone had enough influence over Biden to convince him not to go out there and make a fool of himself.

    That said my financial advisor/contact at Fidelity who happens to be a 65 year old old-style Republican said he is looking to vote for a Democrat in the next election and is hoping Biden is the nominee.

  12. Hasn’t everyone learned that the president should be someone other than a political neophyte? We need a candidate–and a president–who really, truly understands how things get done in the government at the highest level–including how to manage it. And I’m not just referring to businessmen (Schultzie, I’m looking at you). A one-term senator or three-term representative just doesn’t have that experience. And, in this election more than any other I can think of, we need the moderate republicans to switch parties, as opposed to just sitting out. We need someone who has served as a governor of a state or has been a long-term congressman. Electing a democrat and ending up with the same old gridlock gets nowhere. For those reasons, as of now, I see Joe as the better candidate.

    Beto would have a longer road to convincing me that he’s the better choice. I’m not saying it would be impossible, but he would have to overcome his limited experience to get my vote in the primary.

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